• Board Standards

    Granite Falls Public Schools Board of Education uses the Washington State School Directors' Association (WSSDA) School Board Standards. Those standards encourage the board and individual directors to use the highest levels of professional and personal conduct and performance.

    The standards identify the elements of good governance and effective board leadership as drawn from best practices and current research. They provide shared understanding of what constitutes good governance. They also affirm the board’s role in ensuring student success and act as a target for high performance.

    The standards also provide clarity of board roles and responsibilities and of the expected skills, knowledge and behaviors of individual directors.

    Washington School Board Standards core principles:

    1. Responsible school district governance
    2. Communication of and commitment to high expectations for student learning
    3. Creating conditions districtwide for student and staff success
    4. Holding the district accountable for student learning
    5. Engagement of the community in education
    View and download the Washington School Board Standards (pdf).
    Board members are sensitive to the legal ramifications of their comments at meetings and respect the confidentiality of privileged information. While we encourage debate and differing points of view, board members focus on actions that create a positive environment for students, staff, fellow board members, and the constituents of Granite Falls Public Schools.
    Executive sessions are held when specific needs arise. Learn more about Procedure 1400P, Meeting Conduct and Order of Business.
    Learn more about district Policy 1200, Board-Superintendent Operating Protocol.