Family Resources

  • For families who are needing further assistance or resources for day to day living please see the list of resources below.

  • Basic Food

  • Health Coverage

  • Free Health Services

  • Clothes for Kids

  • Operation School Bell

Insights for Parents

  • Open and frequent communication about your child's progress is extremely important to establishing a successful home-school relationship. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child's teacher by phone or email.
    While teachers strive to maintain positive communication with parents, concerns can sometimes arise. If this happens, it is important to model constructive problem-solving behavior and demonstrate respect in expressing thoughts and feelings. Please avoid involving children in disagreements.

    Strategies for Parents

    • Listen to your child and when there are complaints, remember there are two sides to every story
    • Decide if calling the teacher is necessary--a cooling off period may be all that your child needs
    • Talk directly to the teacher in person or by phone; check the facts, define the problem and prepare a solution
    • Avoid criticizing teachers in front of children

    Teachers will...

    • Listen to your concerns and ask clarifying questions
    • Avoid a defensive response
    • Ask you to call or come back if agreeable solution is not reached
    • Work with you to find a solution
    • Principals will mediate conflicts between parents and teachers if the above communication strategies fail

    If attempts to resolve the problem are not met with a satisfactory resolution, please contact the principal to discuss your concerns.