• Who are school board directors?

    Washington State's public school districts are directed by publically elected school boards. These board members called "school board directors" are citizens just like you! They are parents and grandparents, young adults and senior citizens, and community members from all walks of life.

    Each member brings his or her varying experiences and background to inform good decision-making in a spirit of teamwork. A statewide survey conducted by the Washington State School Directors' Association (WSSDA) shows that its members run for school board for two primary reasons: to give back to their community and to help children get a good education.

    Becoming a school board member

    • For information about how to file, check the Washington Secretary of State's website, call (360) 902.4180, or email elections@sos.wa.gov.
    • Find out which positions are up for election to run for office. You must be a registered voter and live within your school district boundaries. In Granite Falls, you are also required to live within the defined director area that you run for. Your local county elections department or our district administration office can help verify that you are eligible.
    • Candidates need to file for office online or in-person during filing week at the local elections office.
    • Be aware of state requirements for all candidates and elected officials to file a financial disclosure statement and report all campaign finances to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission (PDC). Annual filing is required if elected.