Highly Capable

  • The Highly Capable Program is accepting nominations!  Referral Form for students in Grades K-11 will be accepted through December 30th. Please submit the questionnaire to your school office, Kathy Silveira at 205 N. Alder Ave or ksilveira@gfalls.wednet.edu.

    To learn more about the screening process, cognitive testing, academic testing, and service model, please visit here.

    Students may be referred by parents, peers, and members of the community to qualify for the District's Highly Capable program. Those referring will complete a behavioral characteristics questionnaire and teachers will provide information that includes classroom performance and general achievement levels. The District will screen each of those referred using reading, cognitive, and math measures to identify students who qualify for further assessment. Prior to conducting the assessment, the principal or designee shall obtain written parental permission. Referrals identified through the screening process will be assessed using multiple criteria from a variety of sources and data, including tests that measure cognitive ability, academic achievement, and evidence of exceptional creativity. Test results shall be recorded in the student's cumulative file.

    The students selected for participation in the program will be determined by a multidisciplinary committee which includes a classroom teacher or if possible, a highly capable teacher, the program director, a psychologist or other individual who can interpret cognitive and achievement test results, and other professionals as deemed desirable. The multidisciplinary committee will review the data of nominated students. They will select those students who meet the criteria and would benefit the most from the program. The District will:

    1. Notify parents of their child's involvement in the program. Parents shall receive a full explanation of the procedures for identification, program options, and the appeal process,
    2. Obtain parental permission to provide services and programs

    For more information about the Granite Falls School District Highly Capable Program, please see policy 2190.