School Transfers

  • Each student in the district is required to attend the school designated for the geographic attendance area in which he/she resides. However, you can request to go to another district by following the process for a 'Choice Transfer'.

    Choice Transfers

    NEW- You can now complete your choice transfer paperwork electronically through the OSPI Washington State choice transfer request portal!

    OSPI-Choice Transfer Portal Website 

    Parents fill out a form online or paper (see types of transfers below and forms) and email, mail or deliver it to the school district in which they currently reside. It then gets entered into the 'Choice Transfer system' and electronically sent to the requested district. The parent will receive an email when it is sent to the requested district and when the requested district accepts or denies the request.

    Some districts have deadlines to turn in your 'Choice Transfer' forms, please allow up to 7 days for processing once you have turned in your form at the administration office.

    Please Note: Forms must be done every year, so schools can maintain a tracking system for enrollment counts.

    Types of Transfers:

    Choice Transfer - For students requesting to transfer out of the district 100%.

    Inter-District Agreement - for students requesting to attend the Granite Falls School District and another district part-time.

    Reasons for transfers:

    • The student's financial, educational, safety, or health conditions would likely be improved as a result of the transfer.
    • Attendance in the nonresident district is more accessible to the parent's/guardian's place of work or to the location of childcare.
    • There is a special hardship or detrimental condition.
    • The purpose of the transfer is for enrollment in an online course or school program offered by an OSPI-approved provider.
    • Parent/guardian is an employee with the requested school district.

    Special notes: Transfers must be granted if the student is a child of a full-time certificated or classified school employee unless:

    1. The student has a history of convictions, violent or disruptive behavior, or gang membership;
    2. The student has been expelled or suspended from school for more than ten consecutive days; or
    3. Enrollment of a child would displace a child who is a resident of the district (the child must be permitted to remain enrolled until s/he completes her/his schooling).

    If the request for transfer is denied, the parent or guardian may appeal to the superintendent for review.

    If you are unsure which district you reside in you can go to Snohomish County assessor page or contact the transportation department at 425.335.1508.