Director District 4

  • Starting at the intersection of 84th St NE and 158th Ave NE.
    South on 158th Ave NE to 82nd St NE.
    East on 82nd St NE to 161st Ave NE.
    Southerly on 161st Ave NE to Granite Falls Hwy.
    Northeasterly on Granite Falls Hwy to W Stanley St.
    East on W Stanley St to Crooked Mile Rd.
    Southerly on Crooked Mile Rd to Ray Gray Rd.
    Southerly on Ray Gray Rd to 2020 Census Granite Falls city limits.
    West 0.05 miles, more or less, to the north/south center line of Section 24, Township 30, Range 06E.
    South on said centerline to the Pilchuck River.
    Meandering south and easterly through the Plichuck River to the unnamed tributary in the southwestern part of Section 19, Township 30, Range 07E.
    Easterly on the unnamed tributary to just north of the southern border of Section 19, Township 30, Range 07E line and Robe Menzel Rd.
    Southerly on Robe Menzel Rd to Scherrer Rd.
    Southerly on Scherrer Rd and extension to the unnamed creek at approximately the NE corner of the SW ¼ of the SW ¼ section of Section 32, Township 30, Range 07E.
    Meandering northeast on unnamed creek to 224th Ave NE in the same said section.
    Northeast on 224th Ave NE to Pilchuck Pl.
    Northeasterly on Pilchuck Pl.
    Northeasterly on Pilchuck Pl to Menzel Lake Rd.
    Southerly on Menzel Lake Rd to N Lake Roesiger Rd and the unnamed forest service road in parcel 29071600100100.
    Southeast and northeast on unnamed forest service road to the school district boundary.
    Counter-clockwise on the school district boundary to the western crossing of 84th St NE.
    East on 84th St NE to the point of the beginning.