Director District 3

  • Starting at the intersection of Jordan Rd and Hemming Way.
    East and south on Hemming Way to Alpine Ave.
    East on Alpine Ave to Mountain Loop Hwy.
    Northerly on Mountain Loop Hwy to Gun Club Rd.
    East on Gun Club Rd to Wayside Mine Rd.
    Northeast on Wayside Mine Rd to the 2020 Census Granite Falls city limits.
    Clockwise on the 2020 Census Granite Falls city limits to Menzel Lake Rd.
    Southerly on Menzel Lake Rd to N Lake Roesiger Rd and the unnamed forest service road.
    Southeast and northeast on unnamed forest service road in parcel 29071600100100 to the school district boundary.
    Counter-clockwise on the school district boundary to the northwest corner of Section 30, Township 31, Range 07E.
    Southerly on said section line the unnamed creek.
    Southerly, southeasterly, and southwesterly on unnamed creek (eastern border of Census
    Block 530610535063036) to the northern border of Section 05, Township 30, Range 07E.
    West on said section to its northwest corner and Census Block 530610535063037.
    Clockwise on said block to Canyon Creek.
    Meandering southwesterly through Canyon Creek to the South Fork Stillaguamish River.
    Southwesterly through the South Fork Stillaguamish River to Jordan Rd.
    Southwesterly on Jordan Rd to the point of the beginning.