• Long-Term Disability

    Long-Term Disability benefits are provided through The Standard as purchased through SEBB or the Health Care Authority for School Employees. 

    Long-Term Disability provides salary replacement benefits for employees on three different tiers of coverage based on what was selected by each employee during open enrollment. 
    The coverage levels are: 0% or up to $400.00 a month; 50% or up to $8,333 a month; or 60% or up to $10,000 a month.     

    Long-Term disability benefits can potentially be accessed if it is anticipated an employee has been/will be on leave for at least (90) ninety calendar days.
    Filing a claim with The Standard can be started during the (90) ninety day waiting period.  

    Information in regards to the benefits provided by The Standard

    Long Term Disability - The Standard FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions About Long-Term Disability

    Long-Term Disability Claim Form
    Employee, Physician, and Employer portions of the LTD claim

    Questions about long-term disability can be directed to: Cris Bosket or Human Resources - Ph 360-283-4520  Fax 360-691-4459