• Shared Leave Forms - RCW 41.04.665
    Shared leave can be applied for and utilized when an employee is out on leave and may have depleted their paid leave balances. Employees may not solicit donations from their peers.  The district will keep and publish a list of individuals that are available to receive donations.   

    Granite Falls Shared Leave Application Form
    If you are, or are going to be within (40) forty hours of paid sick leave balance and wish to apply to receive donations for shared leave from your peers, use this form.  

    Granite Falls Shared Leave Medical Certification Form
    This form is required to be filled out by the applicants physician, to be coupled with Shared Leave application.  

    Granite Falls Shared Leave Donation Form
    If you would like to donate paid leave balances to anyone approved to receive shared leave donations in Granite Falls, use this form.  

    Questions about shared leave can be directed to: Cris Bosket or Human Resources - 360-283-4520