• Learning Standards

    Our learning standards help ensure that all students have the skills needed to be successful in two- or four-year college or for entering the workforce after graduation from high school. Basic education in Washington state is defined by the legislature. The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) develops the state's learning standards and oversees the assessment of the learning standards for state and federal accountability purposes. Learning standards define what all students need to know and be able to do at each grade level.


    Four learning goals provide the foundation for the development of all academic learning standards in Washington state:

    • Read with comprehension, write effectively, and communicate successfully in a variety of ways and settings and with a variety of audiences;
    • Know and apply the core concepts and principles of mathematics; social, physical, and life sciences; civics and history, including different cultures and participation in representative government; geography; arts; and health and fitness;
    • Think analytically, logically, and creatively, and to integrate technology literacy and fluency as well as different experiences and knowledge to form reasoned judgments and solve problems; and
    • Understand the importance of work and finance and how performance, effort, and decisions directly affect future career and educational opportunities.

    Our state learning standards are developed through collaborative, public processes informed by educators, administrators, community members, parents and guardians, and stakeholder groups across the state and nation. Here are our learning standards in the areas of English Language Arts (ELA), mathematics, science, and social studies.

    Granite Falls School District works closely with staff, families, and the community in designing learning aligned with the Washington State Learning Standards that support the success of every student.

Learning Standards By Subject

  • Health & Fitness

  • Mathematics

  • Sexual Health Education

  • Social Studies

  • Visual Performing Arts

  • World Languages