• UPDATE: January 24, 2022

    RE: Athlete Test-to-Play Program

    Dear Parent/Guardians of athletes,

    Thank you for your continued support as we continue pushing through the 2021-2022 Winter sports season. At Granite Falls School District, keeping your students safe is our top priority.

    We want to notify you of a change in the Test-to-Play athlete program. The Washington State Department of Health released updated guidance which now specifies that athletes who have tested positive for COVID-19, confirmed by a lab or clinic, within the past 90 days and are recovered, do not need to participate in screening testing unless symptomatic, at which time an antigen test is required.

    Please send in proof of a positive COVID-19 result within the last 90 days to exempt your athlete from further participation in the Test-to-Play program. If the athlete tested positive during the screening testing performed by the school district, proof of a positive result is not needed. You can send in the results by uploading it into Skyward (preferred method) or by emailing it to the District’s contact tracer, Misty Lanegan at mlanegan@gfalls.wednet.edu.

    To upload results into Skyward:
    Login to Skyward Family Access. Click on “Online Forms” on the left. Under the athlete, click on “Fill Out Form” next to the Test Results 1. Click on Hyperlink, “Complete Step 1.” Navigate to the test result to be uploaded. Click “Close and Finish Later.”

    If you have additional questions regarding the program, please contact District Nurse Brittney Lundberg at 360-283-4333 or districtnurse@gfalls.wednet.edu.
    Thanks again for your support during this challenging time.

    John R. Kniseley II, Principal


    Date:   Monday, November 15, 2021

    RE:      Athlete Test-to-Play Program 

    Dear Parent/Guardians of athletes, 

    Thank you for your continued support as we kick off the 2021-2022 Winter sports season.

    At Granite Falls School District, keeping your students safe is our top priority.

    For the 2021-22 Winter sports season, we are adding an extra layer of protection to prevent the spread of COVID-19, our Athlete Test-to-Play Program. This program is for Middle School and High School student athletes participating in any moderate and/or high contact sports. 

    If a student tests positive for COVID-19, they must isolate at home for the Snohomish County Health Departments required ten days since symptoms began or if asymptomatic, ten days since the positive test, before returning to school. The student must also be without a fever for 24 hours. 

    Although students who are vaccinated are much less likely to spread or contract the virus, it is important for us to create an inclusive environment for both vaccinated and unvaccinated students. Therefore, it will be required that all students participate in the Test-to-Play Program. 

    Testing will be performed using a non-invasive nasal swab that is collected under the supervision of a school nurse or trained school official. Unlike COVID-19 tests of the past, these are not uncomfortable and are easy for students to do themselves. This is an Abbott BinaxNow rapid test, and we receive the results of this test within 15-20 minutes.

    There is no charge for participating in this program. To participate, you must first sign the Granite Falls School District testing consent form for your student which can be found by clicking on this link https://forms.office.com/r/a7jJLNL3X0To register your student for the test and be able to receive COVID-19 test results, please visit https://www.simplereport.gov/register/UN2RH. If you have additional questions regarding the program, please contact District Nurse Brittney Lundberg at 360-283-4333 or districtnurse@gfalls.wednet.edu. 

    It is our hope that these measures will work together to keep our schools safe and your student in school and extra-curricular activities. Thanks again for your support during this challenging time.



    Dr. Josh Middleton