Kindergarten Readiness

  • The kindergarten year is a critical time in a child's early development and learning. Recent research shows that children benefit most when they are provided opportunities to learn new information in a variety of ways and to put their new and emerging skills to use. A quality kindergarten program supports whole-child learning and development and provides children with the time they need to build the foundational skills and the joy of learning which will support them throughout school and life. Starting kindergarten is a big step for children. They will meet new people, spend time in a new classroom and learn new rules. As a parent or caregiver, you can help your child start kindergarten ready to succeed. In their earliest years, children can learn so many things simply through playing, exploring, and reading with you. It's never too early to give your child a lifelong love of learning!


    Full-Day Kindergarten 

    Granite Falls School District merits early learning and recognizes the importance of full-day kindergarten for our students. All students who will be 5 years of age by August 31 are eligible to enroll in Kindergarten at Granite Falls School District. We offer full-day kindergarten at Mountain Way Elementary. Making full-day kindergarten accessible for all students is important because research shows that children participating in developmentally appropriate, full-day programs make greater gains both socially and academically. Full-day kindergarten provides young learners the time they need to engage in learning in ways that effectively support them in building the foundational social and academic skills they need to support learning throughout their education.

    Research shows that children who participate in full-day kindergarten have:

    • Stronger foundations and skills for elementary grades
    • Greater overall academic achievement
    • Improved attendance
    • Enhanced literacy and language development and math
    • Better social and emotional development

    Join us for Kindergarten Round-Up! Please complete the registration packet and kindergarten specific forms found on the Registration & Enrollment page. Early registration is strongly encouraged!

    Early Entry

    The Granite Falls School District offers Early Entrance to Kindergarten. For those students with birthdates between September 1 and October 15, Early Entrance may be permitted based on the results of assessments and observations administered by the District. Early Entrance Applications must be mailed or hand-delivered no later than July 21 this year to the Administration Office at 205 N. Alder Ave. Granite Falls, WA 98252. For more information on early eligibility, the application, and assessment process, please review this handout.


    Kindergarten Preparation

    You may want to review this list and see if there is anything else you would like to teach your child before those first days of school.

    • Identify some letters of the alphabet
    • Grip a pencil, crayon, or marker correctly (with the thumb and forefinger supporting the tip)
    • Use scissors, glue, paint, and other art materials with relative ease
    • Write his first name using upper- and lowercase letters, if possible
    • Count to 10
    • Bounce a ball
    • Classify objects according to their size, shape, and quantity
    • Speak using complete sentences
    • Recognize some common sight words, like "stop"
    • Identify rhyming words
    • Repeat his full name, address, phone number, and birthday
    • Play independently or focus on one activity with a friend for up to ten minutes
    • Manage bathroom needs
    • Dress himself
    • Follow directions
    • Clean up after himself
    • Listen to a story without interrupting
    • Separate from parents easily

    Don't panic if your child hasn't nailed everything on the list - he/she will learn a lot in kindergarten! What's more important is to wean him/her from relying on you to do things she could do herself, such as zipping her jacket or tying her shoes. Give him/her the chance to show you what they can do for themselves - you might be in for a few surprises!

    Other Resources:

    WaKids Summer To-Do List to help ensure children get a great start in Kindergarten
    Your Child's Education
    Center for Improvement of Student Learning  
    Free Developmental Child Find Screening Any child, from birth to age five, is eligible for a free screening of your child's development including large muscle development, fine motor skills, personal-social skills, and much more. For contact information, take a look at our information brochure.

    Transportation for Kindergartners

    Kindergarten students must be met by a parent/guardian or other adult at the bus stop. Alternatively, kindergarten students can be released from the bus with an older sibling. If you are a kindergarten student's parent, please tell the transportation staff if someone other than you will be meeting your child or if your child should be released with an older sibling. Please be prepared to show identification.

    If you have questions regarding your child's Kindergarten preparation or enrollment, please don't hesitate to contact the school directly:

    Mountain Way Elementary
    702 N. Granite Avenue
    Granite Falls, WA 98252
    Phone: 360-691-7719
    Fax: 360-283-4416