Developmental Preschool

  • Granite Falls Developmental Preschool is for children ages three to five who qualify with special learning or physical needs. Developmental Preschool students attend four sessions per week, two and a half hours per session. Teachers, speech/language specialists, and occupational therapists assist students with large or small motor skills, speech needs or other developmentally delayed areas. Children work individually, in small groups, or in a class setting.

    Snohomish County Resources
    The Early Childhood Social-Emotional Wellness Brochure was developed to promote awareness; improve assessment and screening; and increase access and coordination of mental health services with children Birth to 5. This is for families in Snohomish County who are looking for information on what to look for when they have concerns about their child (Birth to 5), as well as offer a few general resources with providers who offer services.

    Free Developmental Child Find Screening
    Any child, from birth to age five, is eligible for a free screening of your child's development including large muscle development, fine motor skills, personal-social skills, and much more. For contact information, take a look at our information brochure (link).

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