What You Can Do

  • You are important to your legislative representatives! They appreciate hearing from the public as they address the issues that affect Washington state.

    • Call legislators directly and let them know your top priorities.
    • Send legislators handwritten letters or emails with your concerns and opinions. Use the Legislative hotline often: 1-800-562-6000.
    • Share this information with friends and neighbors and encourage them to contact their legislators.
    • Remind legislators that the funding for public education demands predictable funding and competitive salaries to keep competent teachers in our state.
    • Legislators are looking for solutions to complex funding issues. Share your ideas on how to address problems.

    Effective Tips for Communicating with Your Legislators

    • Establish your position and follow through with letters, emails, and calls to the hotline.
    • Contact legislators who are chairs of key committees such as Education, Ways & Means or Appropriations and let them know your opinion. Follow bills that are introduced and remind legislators of your priorities.
    • Meet with your legislators at Town Hall Meetings or personally in Olympia. Let them know what your key issues are. Get to know their staff.
    • Collaborate with community groups and establish a joint communication plan.
    • Be persistent!
    • Say thanks! Recognize your local legislator's hard work.