• Granite Falls School District Replacement Levies- Vote April 26, 2022

2022 Granite Falls School District Replacement Levies

  • Our local levy dollars, when approved by voters, provide funds that stay in our district and help our students. (Click here to see more articles on how levy dollars are spent.)

    Replacing both expiring levies with a stable tax rate that also addresses the educational needs of all our students, was a primary goal in planning the renewal levies for the April 26, 2022 election.  

    Having good schools and facilities has a positive effect on our neighborhoods. Better schools help build a stronger community, which will improve our quality of life, keep crime down, and help increase the value of our homes.

    All students should be given the same opportunities, regardless of their abilities, backgrounds, or family income. This funding will ensure all students in Granite Falls Schools have the same opportunities to learn, grow and succeed.

    The passing of both the replacement Educational Programs & Operations and Technology and School Improvements levies will not change the Granite Falls School Districts related property tax rates. The estimated tax rate for the Educational Programs & Operations levy is $2.11 per $1,000 Assessed Value and the Technology and School Improvements is $0.32 per $1,000 Assessed Value.

    This is a replacement levy, Not a new tax, and will keep a consistent tax rate.  

    Local Educational Programs & Operations levy funding allows us to provide the quality education our community expects for our children, which goes beyond the minimum funded by the state. The proposed renewal levy rate is $2.11 per $1000 of the assessed property value (AV). This covers basic operating expenses and includes:

    • Special Education Services: Staff and services for students.
    • Additional program offerings such as summer school, early learning, elementary dual language, choice programs, band, family partnerships, Highly Capable, College in the High School and Advanced Placement
    • Additional guidance and mental health services, nurses, health room attendants, staff mentors and positive behavior coaches
    • Utilities (heat, lights) and insurance
    • Student transportation
    • Safety and Security
    • Extra-curricular clubs, sports and activities: Art, drama, music and athletics.
    • Costs over state funding for full time, part-time and substitute staff


    The Technology and School Improvements levy provides funding to acquire, improve and maintain school facilities. The proposed renewal levy rate is $0.32 per $1000 of the assessed property value (AV). This covers basic operating expenses and includes:

    • Computer hardware and software
    • Computer applications and licenses
    • Hotspots for students who do not have great internet access
    • Chromebooks and computers for students and staff
    • And all other computer and technology needs.
    • Upkeep & maintenance of all facilities and grounds (new turf, sports fields, tracks, landscaping, appliances)


    If you have questions about either levy, email communications@gfalls.wednet.edu. 

Please vote by April 26, 2022

    • Maintains programs and services not fully funded by the state
    • Pays for overdue improvements to roofing, heating and ventilation systems and security systems
    • Not a new tax — replaces two existing levies
    • 4-year levies: 2023-26

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