• 2021-22 Course Registration Information:

    Registration for 2021-2022 is almost underway!  Please watch for information on your HSBP Canvas page.  In the weeks after Spring Break (April 3-11), we will be including our new catalog of classes.  Your counselors will be adding information on how to do course registration and answering some of the most common questions.  There will also be videos from different departments at Granite Falls High School giving you some ideas for classes you may want to take next school year.  Officially, Course Registration will start on April 24th for current 9th - 11th graders.  Counselors will be available to students at the school and online via zoom 'office times'.

    UPON OPENING COURSE REGISTRATION ON April 24th in Skyward, it is very important that students enter the class choices and alternatives into Skyward.  We would also like each student to upload a completed Course Registration Form onto their HSBP Canvas page.  The counselors want the uploaded copy as well, just in case of any unseen problems or adjustments to next year's schedule.  Make sure you include 6 class requests and at least 4 alternate classes so that you can get 2nd or 3rd choices when your 1st choice is not available.  Skyward registration is only available through Student Access NOT Family Access.  If you have any trouble logging into Skyward, please contact Beth Morrison at 360-283-4394 for assistance.

    Class of 2025 Course Registration:
      Counselors will be at the Middle School on Monday, May 3rd, and Thursday, May 6th to present information and hand out registration forms.  Mrs. Everson will be at the Middle School on Tuesday, May 4th, and Friday, May 7th to answer questions during 3rd and 4th periods.  Mr. B sent out the link to a Family Forum on Zoom on Tuesday, May 11th at 6 pm for any registration or high school questions.  Students will be entering their Course Requests and Alternates in Skyward this year.  Requests should be in Skywardy by May 14th and paper forms turned in to the Counseling Office.  You can find all of the registration information, including Course Catalog, Forms, and the Course Registration Presentation in the Class of 2025 folder below.

    Tanya Everson and Wendy Hartley
    Granite Falls High School Counselors