• Here is the 2023 BOTC Calendar - Updated 2-6-2023:  BOTC 2023 Calendar

    Welcome to Battle of the Classes (BOTC) at Granite Falls High School. BOTC is a long-standing tradition where classes compete against each other in various events and activities over a four-week period. The winning class is crowned at the BOTC Main Event, which is held in the high school gym and is a fun and exciting night of games and competitions, seldom seen in schools! It is not to be missed! 

    Below you will find some basic information to make BOTC successful for you and your student!

    GFHS Battle of the Classes Overview

    SCORING: Each class will earn points based on how they place in each category of the competition. The class with the most points at the end wins. Point values = (1st/ 2nd/ 3rd/4th). Disqualification = zero points.

    THEME: Each class determines a theme by which they decorate their assigned section of the gym and hallway and which inspires/informs their class performance (usually a skit or interpretive dance). 

    CLASS HALLWAY DECORATIONS: Each of the main hallways in divided by class. The decorated hallway can only include the “staple wall” and must advertise the date and times of the following events:

    GYM DECORATIONS: The gym is divided into four sections and each class has a section assigned. Decorations will be created often using the same theme chosen for Hallway Decorations. 3D structures and other “larger than life” decorations are encouraged for BOTC. This is where parent support really comes in handy, especially parents with carpentry skills, access to supplies, and creativity!

    PERFORMANCES: Each class plans and performs a skit, song, or dance which corresponds to their theme on BOTC night. The performance may not exceed seven minutes; this includes any time needed to set-up or clean-up. Classes exceeding the time limit will be disqualified and will receive no points for this event! 


    Macho Volleyball 
    Powder Puff Football 
    Powder Puff and Macho Volleyball Practices (required)

    MINOR ATHLETIC EVENTS - All minor athletic events will take place during the BOTC Main Event in the High School gym.

    Dizzy Bat
    Stroke the Boat
    Skin the Snake
    Mystery Event: To be announced the night of BOTC.
    Dodge Ball

    SPIRIT AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Classes will receive points according to the number of people, in-class color, sitting in their class-designated cheering sections and for positive demonstrations of enthusiastic support at each BOTC event.

    BOTC SPIRIT WEEK: Classes will be ranked according to the percentage of their class dressing up for each BOTC Spirit Day. Please encourage your student to dress for Spirits Days!