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  • Types of energy

    Nuclear, Renewables, and Fossils. By Elijah Spitze

    Nuclear energy has often been a source of controversy. Wherever it comes up the mind is immediately flooded with Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and Chernobyl. However, nuclear energy is not the villain it appears to be in the media, it may even be our only hope against Climate Change. Fossil Fuels make up a startling ≈80% of global energy production and consumption according to BP, and all this does is flood our atmosphere with greenhouse gasses. In order to stop Climate Change, fossil fuels need to be kicked to the side in favor of an alternative energy...Nuclear perhaps?

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  • Do Students Rely Too Much On Technology? By Landon Scalf

    Do Students Rely Too Much On Technology? By Landon Scalf

    Have you ever thought about how technology has affected classrooms and the way students are learning? I'm writing this editorial on why I think technology does not belong in a classroom. One of the many ways technology has negatively affected classrooms is students have information and answers within a couple of clicks. According to ‘’students are becoming way too dependent as it makes work easier. They are not developing their thinking skills as technology is spoon-feeding them information.’’ The more students rely on technology and google the more likely they are to just copy off of the internet and plagiarize. Plagiarism can warrant legal action if it infringes upon the original author's copyright, patent, or trademark. Using technology everyday in school has also taken away the ability for students to write letters, go to the library, and socially interact with people.

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  • Triple A Companies, Dropping Their “Game” Once Again by Avery Coleman

    Triple A Companies, Dropping Their “Game” Once Again by Avery Coleman

    For many years gaming companies such as EA, Activision, Rockstar, Square Enix, Ubisoft and others have delivered lackluster products and games. Despite these companies seemingly infinite budget, resources and workers, they still release games unfinished and without quality, at full price, yet these games continue to sell and rake in millions of dollars to these companies, despite the decline of enjoyment. Many of these companies deliver false promises, over exaggeration of how good something is, all while trying to introduce something new.

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  • Why WLR Was Always Good by Tyce Bland

    Why WLR Was Always Good by Tyce Bland

    WLR, also known as Whole Lotta Red, is Playboi Carti’s third studio album which was released on December 24th, 2020. This album had a two and a half year wait. This wait was excruciating. After fans received ‘Die Lit’ they were left in the dark for so long, but of course, this worked in Carti’s favor as every passing day gradually built up more and more hype. Carti finally started interacting with fans on instagram, going on live, releasings snippets, and teasing his new ‘vamp’ era ever so slightly, day by day. All of his fans and even people outside of his fanbase wanted this album more than any other piece of work from any artist, and they were within reason. In the first week he garnered over 110k album sales with just over 126 million streams in its first week.

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  • Travis Scott's Career Needs to Come to an End by Tatyana Alme

    Travis Scott's Career Needs to Come to an End by Tatyana Alme

    Travis Scott's two-day music festival turned into a catastrophic disaster when dozens died in a killer crush mosh-pit. The world didn't expect November 5th, 2021 to be life-changing, and neither did the families of the lost loved ones. Media spreading like wildfire, Travis Scott is being held accountable by millions when he continued to play his setlist after fans were screaming that people are dying in the mosh pit

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Art and Mystery

  •  Lochness Monster

    Myth or Mystery: Loch ness Monster? By Tatyana Mone'

    The legend of the Loch Ness Monster has lived through generations. It’s a tale we’re introduced to at a young age. Until the silhouette of Nessy shocks the media after recent recurring sightings of the monster lurking. Sightings include sonar testing, university medical research, drone flying, and more. April 1st, 2021 was the first sighting reported since the 60ś in Mendota, Madison. The next sighting happened on April 4th, 2021 when a group of students from Wisconsin students found a ¨mystery egg¨ during a research project and then took it into their biology lab. The last main sighting was on August 28th, 2021 when eight-year-old Benjamin Scanlon from Ickenham London caught a sonar image of a long snake-shaped figure about 20 meters below water.

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  • Half Shredded by Ocean Chapman

    Half Shredded by Ocean Chapman

    At Sotheby’s art gallery a world famous painting sold for a historic $25.4 million dollars, and half of it was shredded.
    "Love is in the bin." formally known as "Girl with a Balloon." initially sold for 1.4 million dollars and is one of the most fascinating stories in the art world... [click title to read full story]

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Latest Editorials

  • Girl, Interrupted Movie Review By Janessa Robison

    Girl, Interrupted Movie Review By Janessa Robison

    When Girl, Interrupted released in 1999, movie critics often stated, “‘Girl, Interrupted’ is a small, intense period piece with a tough-love attitude toward lazy, self-indulgent little girls flirting with madness:

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  • Graffiti v.s tagging: learning to admire alternative art By: Katelynn McFarlane

    Graffiti v.s tagging: learning to admire alternative art By: Katelynn McFarlane

    All in all, graffiti doesn't have to be a bad thing. As long as people are responsible for the act and if people misuse it, we can keep it under control. Street art is something we see everywhere; buildings, and subway cars. Art adds to the city culture and gives our bland world a splash of color.

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  • The Batman; Vengeance Done Justice By Avery Coleman

    The Batman; Vengeance Done Justice By Avery Coleman

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  • Graffiti V.S Tagging: Learning to Admire Alternative Art by Katelynn McFarlane

    Graffiti V.S Tagging: Learning to Admire Alternative Art by Katelynn McFarlane

    The art of graffiti, a frowned upon art type but beautiful aesthetic. People have been using the act of writing on walls since ancient Egyptian times. They would use hieroglyphics to communicate and tell stories and that is still how it’s used, just in a different sense. You can walk down any major street and see many types of street art and yes, some are gang related tags but depending on the connotation, it can be something truly breathtaking. 

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  •  Image of handshake with a professional who has tattoos

    Normalizing Tattoos in the Workplace By Janessa Robison

    Tattoos are much more common than they were 10 years ago, although I believe tattoos should be more normalized in every workplace. Many young adults desire tattoos to express themselves but worry what careers are still available with having several tattoos. Having that security that tattoos won’t be an issue as an employee is ideal. According to History of Tattoos, “36% of Americans between the ages 18 and 29 have at least one tattoo,’ which shows how young people are getting more tattoos compared to 10 years ago. Another study from History of Tattoos, supports this, stating, “In 2012, 21% of Americans had one or more tattoos. That is around 45 million people in the US alone.” This evidence shows how tattoos are more popular with young adults searching for a job as they make their way into adulthood.

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Our Health

  •  Abortion Rights Protest

    Texas’ Abortion Ban at 6 weeks becomes Law by Janessa Robison

    Texas lawmakers passed a ban on abortion for no later than six weeks of pregnancy, which is well before most women discover they are pregnant. Governor Greg Abbot finalized this law and the abortion ban will take place in September 2021.

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  •  Image of Healthcare Protest

    Amidst a Global Pandemic the US Still Refuses Universal Healthcare By Avery Coleman

    America along with the rest of the world, is in a global pandemic, yet they do not provide free healthcare. Hundreds of thousands of people have been put in the hospital due to sickness, costing them high hospital bills. Many of the deaths in the US due to Covid-19 are attributed to lack of healthcare and funds. Many wonder why the world's “leading country” lags behind in beneficial help and works for citizens of the country. Other countries often are envious of the USA’s abundance of food, power, clean water and overall resources, but still wonder why they don’t provide essential health benefits... [click title for full article]

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  • More System Change, Less Climate Change by Landen Scalf

    More System Change, Less Climate Change by Landen Scalf

    Climate change is continuing to catastrophically affect the world. It has constantly affected global and regional climate patterns particularly in the mid to late 20th century onwards. In that time it has been attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels. Global temperature rise has gone up 2.12 degrees since the late 19th century driven by carbon dioxide emissions and other human activities... [click title to read full story]

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  • Masks: A Social Dilemma by Elijah Spitze

    Masks: A Social Dilemma by Elijah Spitze

    In Washington State masks have been required since June 26th, 2020, or 480 days ago at the time of this writing. As a result, public schools have required masks to be worn by all staff and students while indoors, but some students are not following the mandate. They wear masks improperly or not at all, compromising our already weak security against the COVID-19 virus... [click title to read full story]

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