Previous Students

  • Lauren Giebel 2016
    What I miss about Crossroads is the loving teachers and how they helped me accomplish a big part of my life. Crossroads has helped me in life both personally and professionally because Crossroads always gave me that sense of belonging and I knew I’d always fit in in that dysfunctional family. Professionally crossroads has helped me as a teen mother reach my goal of graduating high school and moving on to college to pursue my law degree, which I am currently doing and have “A’s” in all of my classes. And a special shout out to Matlack yooooog doooook dooook doooooook. Joshua and I miss all you guys!

    Savannah Dumas 2016
    What I miss about Crossroads is how it feels like a big family. All the teachers were there for every student who needed it. No one was left out. I changed my career plans after I graduated, but Crossroads did help me realize that I love working with children, because of that I work at an amazing daycare.

    Hope Skews 2016
    I miss how laid back it was and how much the teachers really wanted to help. Crossroads made me realize that someone actually cares.

    Cody Jacobs 2016
    I miss the staff. They taught me to be patient but determined to reach a goal. Enjoy high school why you can because you will miss it later on in life!

    Gavin Cox and John Walker 2016
    John Walker and I went to Crossroads after leaving the Granite Falls High School. I left after freshman year after constantly getting in trouble and skipping class. John followed after his sophomore year. I came into Crossroads with .5 credits after my whole freshman year with people telling John and I that we will never amount to anything or graduate. With determination and the help from the staff at Crossroads High School I was able to qualify for Sno-Isle Skill Center my senior year for Diesel Power Technology Program and we were able to graduate on time. After we graduated we both were finally able to leave the small town of Granite Falls and are now living in Arizona going to Universal Technical Institute (UTI) for their diesel mechanics and will be graduating this fall with very generous job offers.

    Callie Chapman 2015
    I miss coming to school and having that Crossroads family, I miss almost everything about it really, having people to push me to my fullest even if I made it difficult sometimes! I think Crossroads helped me grow up a lot, taught me perseverance, to ask for help when I don’t know the answer to something, and to really set my dreams big and not settle for anything less than excellent. I learned from the teachers there that it’s good to be a positive leader and a good role model, and it has gotten me to the manager position I’m in now with T-Mobile and I’m going to keep going. I learned to be kind because you really don’t know what another person is going through and I think that’s the most important one. I’m so thankful for Crossroads for setting me up for success, always giving me more chances than I deserved, and pushing me to be the person you knew I could be, even if I didn’t see it at times. Miss you guys a ton!

    Jaclyn Caligiuri 2015
    I miss how everyone was super close! We all treated each other like family, and would try and help each other out as best we could! Crossroads helped me grow into the young adult I am today! Someone who’s actually responsible and that isn’t afraid to take on anything that comes my way!

    Deryk Staeger 2015
    I miss Matlack and all the other cool teachers. I always felt like I had a second family at school and I miss that. Crossroads has helped me learn ways to overcome many obstacles.

    Rosie Reeder 2014
    It helped me to figure out my full potential. Before I came to this school I felt like I was a hopeless student on the back burner. This school helped me to learn the most important lesson I have ever learned, and that is no matter what you must persevere! Until I found Crossroads I was considered a student who would fall into the cracks of the system. Because of the wonderful teachers and care I got constantly I became not only a graduate, but I graduated 6 months earlier than my graduation date! I take the skills I learned at school into the real world every day!

    Makenna Pennington 2014
    What I miss the most about crossroads is how school just felt like one big family. Wherever you turned there was always someone to help you when you were hurting and a shoulder to cry on. Crossroads has helped me by not only teaching me self love and seeing my potential, but also teaching me empathy and respect for others. My experiences as a student helped me to become a better person and a good role model for my daughter. I’ll always have love for my crossroads family.

    Rachel Sigman 2014
    I graduated on time thanks to Crossroads. I miss all the teachers and Liz. She was a great help to me.

    Natasha Nelson 2014
    I miss the staff. They made me feel at home and like I had a second family. Crossroads helped me in my professional life by helping me find my passion in working with children when I worked in the childcare.

    RJ Dawson 2014
    The people are what made Crossroads great, students and staff both.

    Nick Jackson 2014
    I miss the environment. It was the best learning environment in the area and the teachers helped to make sure we all graduated. Crossroads helped me to learn how to better myself not only as a person, but within the workplace. If given the opportunity to go back to before I got my diploma, I would take it and maybe change a few aspects of my life to make a better learning experience for myself.

    Courtney Van Beek 2013
    Crossroads help me graduate high school on time, not only did I graduate high school, I graduated with my dental assisting license. This has helped me in my life because this is now my career. I’ve been working at the same dental office since right after I graduated high school. I found god and I am successful, happy, and clean. Crossroads also helped me when I went through a devastating time in my life and was on anti-depressants and literally losing my mind. I’m so grateful for the teachers, staff, and students who are like family to help me become successful in life. I will forever be grateful.

    Lizzie Bradley 2013
    I miss going and seeing all the babies in the daycare and feeling like you had this comfortable environment where you can learn in your own way. Crossroads helped shape me into a leader. Since going to school there I have been a manager at a coffee stand, excelled in classes and formed groups among peers in college, and taught me how to raise my babies with confidence and support. Crossroads is a place where lost children enter and leave as adults with a family they can always count on.

    Mercedes Startzman 2012
    I wouldn’t have graduated on time if it weren’t for the amazing staff at Crossroads and my wonderful husband who I also started dating while going to Crossroads.

    Tailor Cissel 2012
    I miss the sense of family that being at Crossroads brought. Every day I would come to school and would feel like I was coming to my home away from home. Crossroads was the first place I ever felt accepted as a teen mom, and that helped me in ways I never imagined possible. Because of this amazing school, I was able to get an education all while my daughter was there with me, and that meant the world to me. We were taught valuable life lessons there every day, and without my experiences there, I don’t believe I’d be the mom and woman I am today. This school is such an amazing place, and I’m lucky to have been a part of its history. I will always love the staff there, and always give thanks to everyone who played a role in the incredible experience I had there. To say I felt blessed is an understatement.

    Desi Gerber 2012
    The thing I miss about Crossroads is the staff. They do anything to help a student out or anybody. Personally crossroads made me a better person and gave me the kick in the ass to graduate on time. I am grateful that they did what they could to help me graduate on time. Love Crossroads

    Amber Maddalena 2011- Class Valedictorian
    Honestly I miss the people. I miss Mrs. Orr, crazy Mr. Matlack, Bridgette and all of the friends that I may or may not be in contact with anymore. The people are what I miss most. Crossroads has helped in so many ways! From preparing me to deal with social aspects of life to instilling in me good work ethics and dedication. Crossroads has been a huge stepping stone in creating the life I desire.

    Ashleigh Lawlis 2011
    I miss the free yoga class! And the teachers support and humor! Crossroads taught me how to do a resume and how to finish something you start, like school for instance. Thank you Crossroads, you made it possible for someone like I was, homeless and afraid of the future, to become a great mom and a successful person. I can never repay you and I thank you immensely.

    Leah Keys 2011
    I miss the staff more than anything. Knowing I had a place to go where someone cared, people I could talk to because my family wasn’t what close. When I left the big high school I was depressed and felt unimportant.. at Crossroads I became so confident my senior year. I felt inspired. I figured out what I was good at.. like organizing things, and being a leader, etc. It warms my heart to see how much Crossroads is growing. I’m so glad that my niece had a chance to experience what I got to. I know it is an “alternative” school.. but people have no idea what it was like to be a part of the school.