What Crossroads students think makes them successful

  • Successful students

    • Go above and beyond
    • Are dedicated to getting their stuff done
    • Want to graduate
    • Hard working
    • Cooperative
    • Independent and know when to work with others
    • Engaged and participate
    • Keep up on their work
    • Determined, pay attention
    • Comes to Friday school if needed
    • Have good behavior
    • Pass classes
    • Get work done when it's given
    • Have motivation
    • Have patience
    • Take time to do what's needed
    • Active listeners
    • Show their best
    • Have goals of where they want to be
    • Are determined to figure out the future they want
    • Talk to teachers and staff 
    • Do work with effort
    • Show up and attend classes

    What causes challenges to success

    • Not trying
    • Giving up
    • Not listening
    • Disrespect
    • Not attending
    • Being mean 
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