• Mission Statement

    "Crossroads encourages a desire for lifelong learning in a safe and supportive environment that prepares and empowers students academically, socially, and emotionally."


Crossroads Block Schedules

  • Monday, Tuesday & Thursday (click here)

  • Wednesday & Friday (click here)

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  • Crossroads High School
    205 N Alder Ave.
    Granite Falls, WA 98252
    Phone: 360-283-4407

    Principal: Bridgette McVay


We're Glad You're Here!

  • Crossroads is committed to the individual development of each student!

    Crossroads is an internationally accredited high school that was started in 2005. Crossroads serves students in grades 9-12. We have 16 certificated and 10 support staff members that provide students a supportive learning environment designed for those that have not found success in a traditional high school setting. The school offers a full academic program in addition to special education, counseling services, dual credit classes, CTE courses, Sources of Strength, Voices of Youth, leadership and other clubs/programs. Students are still eligible to engage in an athletic and activities program from their home school (GFHS or LSHS) while attending Crossroads. In addition, students may elect to attend Running Start classes, Sno-Isle Skills Center, or the Workforce Development Center. Crossroads offers in-person and remote classes, which include the option for credit retrieval. For those who qualify, we also have an Open Doors program on campus. 



    Who makes a good Crossroads student according to current students?   

    "Those with social or mental health struggles"

    "Those who need help learning coping skills in life"

    "Students who want to come and be here"

    "Those who need more one-on-one support in a variety of different subjects"

    "Those who want to graduate and start their lives"

    "Anyone who's vulnerable. Going to Crossroads you have to be vulnerable and open to accepting a different perspective, because that's what this school does for individuals."

    "Someone who needs extra help and empathy. Someone who needs teachers to understand them and not just give assignments. Teachers that give extra help"

    "Someone that needs a rebound and help with grades/getting credits"

    "Those who are open to a new academic environment in which they are provided with the help they need. Those who need something apart from public school"

  • Friday School

    Many of you have chosen Crossroads for your child’s educational environment as a proactive approach to a different learning opportunity. Three Fridays a month are open to all students and are structured to provide them with access to teachers for extra help on assignments, tutoring, making up hours for missed school days, and a chance to improve academic performance.

    The last Friday of every month, Crossroads High School is closed to students so staff can focus on Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) compliance paperwork and individual student programming. Crossroads is currently coordinating transportation with multiple districts, which poses challenges for Friday release times, particularly for students who have completed their work and utilize school transportation. As a result, all students have open campus privileges on Fridays.

    Remote Option

    Crossroads will continue to offer a limited number of courses with a remote option where students and families work with a certificated teacher to develop a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) that includes credit bearing classes and a specific number of homework hours.  Courses offered do not include a requirement for in-person instructional contact time. However, students will need to connect virtually once a week with their advisor (a certificated teacher) if they cannot connect in-person. Our remote teachers are also available to meet with students during office hours, Friday school and until 7:00 pm Tuesday nights.  Instructional interaction between the teacher and student includes, but is not limited to: one on one assistance, review of assignments, assessment, testing, progress monitoring, and educational facilitation.