Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Heather Roberts

Welcome to my teacher page! This is my second year here but last year was such a blur of black boxes on zoom screens and covid chaos that it feels like my first.  I am excited for busy halls, assemblies, spirit days, chatter, laughter, papers, football games, and even the smells that come with students being physically back to school. The first thing you should know about my classroom is that I appreciate and value all my students and the uniqe strengths and quirks they bring. My classroom is welcome to everyone! Teaching the high school's most popular subject, English, makes it easy for students to enjoy my class. Even if you don't absolutely love reading and writing, I have the best view in the entire school; the mountains feel like they are right in my room. 

Growing up in a redneck family in eastern Idaho meant being creative in both entertainment and daily life. My family taught me to be spontaneous, enjoy simple things like sunsets and backyard fires, and to laugh at the mishaps and celebrate each and every little success. My father was a unique artist and gave me an appreciation for beauty in nature and life. My siblings were my best friends, and I still reach out to them whenever I need a laugh or a gentle word of advice. Now I have my own little family of boys and the adventure continues on in the form of dirt, bikes, boats, sports, and messes.