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Special Opportunity Scholarships

  • Are you in 11th or 12th grade? Have you been in foster care? Or were you homeless without a parent or guardian? You may be eligible for money to pay for options after high school through the Passport to Careers program?

    The Passport to Careers program helps Washington students —specifically those who have been in various types of foster care or who have experienced unaccompanied homelessness— to prepare for careers. Help includes money to put toward the costs of earning a college certificate or degree or job training through a pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship program. Help also includes experts to help answer your questions and navigate your pathway. If you are eligible, you have the choice of two education pathways: one leads to a college degree or certificate, and one leads to an apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship program. Click on the links for more information about the Passport pathways. Passport to College or Passport to Apprenticeship


    You are eligible for Passport to Careers financial aid and support services if you:

    1. Meet the criteria for former foster youth or unaccompanied homeless youth outlined in the tabs below.
    2. Are enrolled (or will enroll) at least half-time in an eligible college or registered pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship program by your 21st birthday.
    3. Maintain Washington residency as outlined in the tab below.
    4. Meet the following additional criteria if in the Passport to College track:
    5. Are working toward a certificate, associate degree, or first bachelor’s degree. You may not receive the scholarship if you are pursuing a degree in theology.
    6. Continue to make satisfactory academic progress as defined by the college you attend.

    You can find out more here: https://wsac.wa.gov/passport/guide 

    Find the form you turn in to the college or program here: https://wsac.wa.gov/sites/default/files/Passport.ConsentForm.pdf

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