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  Crossroads and Open Doors Learning Resources Page Supplemental Resources for students with IEPs

Student Learning Resources Overview

With the district-wide closure of Granite Falls School District, this web-page includes materials intended to support our students’ engagement in learning. The materials do not replace the experience of being in school but can help students maintain the learning that has taken place this school year.

This webpage includes materials aligned to each grade's standards-based content area, as well as support for special programs. Students and their families can select materials to explore and learn during the student's time at home.

Each tile is a link to materials for each age/grade level. Selecting and then scrolling down the page will show a series of activities in different content areas.

Materials include:

  • Optional resources for families to use to keep students engaged
  • Guidance for families to support engagement
  • Online resources with which students may have familiarity

Materials do not include:

  • Replication of classroom instruction
  • Assignments that will be collected, assessed, and graded
  • Monitoring students’ access of online tools/resources