Reopening FAQ's

When is the first day of school?

The first day of school is September 2 for kindergarten through twelfth grade students. Crossroads High School will begin classes on September 10. ECEAP and DDPre will begin school on September 21.

What will that look like?

The Granite Falls School District will start remotely and move into a hybrid blended model when health conditions allow.

What does the first day of school look like for my child?

You will receive information from your school, principal and teacher. On the first day, your child will meet with their teacher remotely and online.

How long will school be remote?

The District is looking month to month following guidelines from the Health Department. Once Snohomish County gets on a downward trend and it’s safe to open we will move to reopening.

Which model should I choose for my child, Blended Model or Granite Falls Virtual Academy?

The choice is dependent upon your child and their unique needs for school. If you need assistance with what option may be best for your child, you can contact the school or your child’s teacher to get further guidance.

Virtual Academy: 100% online, self-directed, independent, does not follow a bell schedule

Blended Model: Fasted road back into the building, Traditional model, will start remotely, as health conditions improve we will bring students back in small groups at a time until we are able to open fully.

How will my child be educated if I am a single parent who has to work?

Families will need to have this discussion and decide what option works best for their situation. If your student needs direct contact with a teacher on a daily basis then the blended model is ideal but if your family needs more flexibility then you may want the Virtual Academy.

Internet at my house is intermittent, how can I help my child?

The district will provide Hotspots for those families who need additional wifi. For those areas that need more connectivity the schools will work with those families directly to meet their needs.

The state is also working on this issue.

I have multiple children in my home, but only one device, is my school going to provide a computer?

Yes. Granite Falls School District will provide every child with a computer.

If my child does the Granite Falls Virtual Academy, can they do sports when schools resumes?

If your child is enrolled in Granite Falls Virtual Academy, they are a student of the Granite Falls School District. They can play sports and participate in other activities that are offered by the district.

Can my child start at the Virtual Academy and move to the Blended Model when students start to return to buildings?

Yes. Students will be able to switch at the quarter.

Does my child need to wear a mask?

Yes. Per the guidance from the CDC and Snohomish County

Will there be breakfast and lunches for students?

The district is providing weekly meal boxes for students to purchase. If your student qualifies for free or reduced priced meals the price will be reflected accordingly. The weekly meal boxes will include a breakfast and lunch for each school day for that week.

Where would I order the meal box?

Families can fill out the weekly order form on the district website.

Meal Boxes Order Form