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2024-2025 Preschool Reconfiguration

As Granite Falls continues to grow, the student enrollment count at the two elementary schools has increased over the last three years. We are quickly running out of classroom space! Currently, our preschool students are located in two locations at Monte Cristo Elementary, some classes inside the building and others in our portable classrooms. After months of collaboration and planning, the district has decided to move the preschoolers to a new location that will house them all in the same building. This reconfiguration will not only provide a more unified learning environment for our preschoolers but also allow for better coordination and use of resources.

Next year, we will implement this new preschool reconfiguration. All preschool students attending ECEAP, Developmental Preschool, and Hybrid Preschool classrooms will attend preschool at a new location: the current District Office/Administration Building at 205 North Alder Ave., Granite Falls, WA 98252. These changes will take effect for the 2024-2025 school year. The tentative preschool start dates will be September 5th, 2024 (full-day programs) and September 16th, 2024 (half-day programs).

Work will be done in the downstairs classrooms during the summer months to prepare for the preschoolers. Walls will be removed, existing offices will be converted back to their original classroom configurations, and existing office staff will be moved upstairs. The bathrooms are already fitted to serve younger students. There will be a playground in the undercover area to accommodate outdoor playtime. This area is already fenced off, but additional work to create a safe place will also be completed. Current teachers and staff will be making the move as well. Crossroads High School will remain adjacent to the Administration/Preschool building, but the building will remain as two separate learning environments. We are taking every step to ensure the new location is ready and welcoming for our preschoolers.

We understand that this change may require some logistical adjustments for our families, and we wanted to notify you as soon as possible. The school start times and transportation routes are still under discussion. Communication will be sent out as soon as plans are finalized.




What preschool classes are included in this move?

All preschool programs will be moving. This includes ECEAP, Developmental Preschool and Hybrid Preschool classrooms.


Will there be bus transportation for my student?

There will be bus transportation for students who qualify.


Where will my student be dropped off/picked up if I am a parent providing transportation?

Students will be dropped off and picked up by parents in the front of the building.


How many classrooms will there be?

There will be a total of 5 physical preschool classrooms.


Are the preschool teachers going to stay the same?

We anticipate staffing remaining the same but, as always, individual staff members might make personal decisions to do something different next year.


Where will my student eat lunch?

Over the summer, we will be making some upgrades to the kitchen in the new location to better support the needs and requirements of preschool aged students.  We anticipate that the current lunch process will remain the same at the new location.


What will the school hours be for my students?

We are still working out the specifics of the start time for preschool students and will send an update over the summer as soon as times have been finalized.


Where will my student play outside?

Preschool students will have access to outdoor play in the undercover area to the side of the building as well as the grass area/baseball field. These areas will be completely fenced in for security/safety reasons.