Success in Education- 3rd Quarter Winners
Success in Education- 3rd Quarter Winners
The District announces its 3rd quarter 'Success in Education' award winners! Congratulations to high school winners: Florence Glenn, Micayla Flatt, Zoii Vogt & Taylor Mace; Crossroads winners: Liam Allen & Hailey Darling; Middle School winners: Italya Nava, Miles Papp & Madison Strebin; Virtual Academy winners: Scarlette Rice & Amy Ramirez; Monte Cristo Elementary winners: Luke Anaya, Axel Fernandez & Tristan Serles; Mountain Way Elementary winners: Olivia Stendera, George Eddy & Connor McCall.

The award represents students that show an understanding of the importance of education and provide a committed, excellent service to other students, staff members, or the community. Candidates were nominated by staff and selected by the school's administrative team.

The district also announces its third quarter certificated and classified staff 'Success in Education' awards. The employee award recognizes staff members for creating a thoughtful and exemplary learning environment through committed, excellent service to our schools.

The 3rd quarter certificated staff winner is Sabrina McGlaughlin (Middle School teacher); Classified staff winner is Diane Wesala (Copy Center Coordinator).

All candidates were nominated by staff and selected by the district's administrative team. The winners were announced at the School Board meeting on March 17, 2021.

Along with the Success in Education awards, Dr. Middleton also awarded the Mucker Award to the following staff for doing the dirty work in the corners.

Susan Burk-MWE Kindergarten Teacher
Marta Bloomquist-MWE TOSA
Joelle Wright- MCE Assistant Principal

Congratulations Everyone!