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Granite Falls/Lake Stevens Pupil Transportation Department
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Phone: 425.335.1508
Office Hours: 6:00 am – 4:30 pm 

Granite Falls School District Transportation/Bus Schedule

Granite Falls Middle/High School AM Schedule
Granite Falls Elementary AM Schedule

The transportation schedule includes bus numbers, times and locations.

(If you have any questions about transportation please contact the transportation department, 425-335-1508.)

Start Times and Transportation Schedules

Elementary Schools
2019-2020 School Year
Monte Cristo: 8:35 am – 3:05 pm
Mountain Way: 8:45 am – 3:15 pm

For students who ride a bus to school, the AM bus route will pick up all students on their route, drop off 3rd-5th grade students at MCE, then continue to MWE to drop off K-2 students. The PM route will pick up students first at MCE, continue on to MWE, then run the drop off route.

Siblings that walk home from school can still walk together! All PM buses will run from MCE to MWE, so older siblings can ride a bus to meet their younger siblings.

2019-2020 School Year
Middle School: 7:35 am – 2:05 pm
High School: 7:30 am – 2:00 pm

Bus routes for GFMS and GFHS students for the AM routes will drop off high school students first, then middle school students. PM bus routes will pick up students first from GFHS, then GFMS, and finish routes by dropping off students at bus stops.

GF shuttle schedule (between schools)


Bus Routes are posted through the software program, Versatrans.

Using the e-link below, enter these credentials:

User Name: “GF1”
Password: “search”
Versatrans E-link:

Instructions: After logging in, you will be prompted to enter your address and grade level. E-link will show your school of residence, bus stop location, pick-up and drop-off times as well as bus number.

* Routes are subject to change so please continue to verify your route through E-LINK.

For questions on Versatrans, contact the Transportation Department at 425-335-1508.


After School Activity Bus Schedule
Pick-up Times/Locations:

GFMS: 4:00 pm
GFHS: 4:08 pm
MCE: 4:12 pm

For detailed route drop-off times/locations, visit the route information page.


Limited Bus Routes (pdf) are used throughout the year for snow, ice, or other situations that cause buses to alter normal routes. During inclement weather, the District tries to have information on radio/TV by 6:00 AM but limited routes may be used without notification due to conditions and time. Please make sure your child’s school has updated emergency phone and email contacts.

Granite Falls Snow Routes for 2019-2020:

Elementary AM Routes
Elementary PM Routes
Middle School & High School AM Routes
Middle School & High School PM Routes

<For more information regarding inclement weather and school closure/delay information visit here>

Bus Stop Notice
Students should be waiting at their designated bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the published stop time. Drivers are instructed not to arrive any earlier than the five minutes and also not to wait at stops for students who are not there. Please help us to be on time by being at your stop five (5) minutes early.

Students are allowed to depart the bus only at their assigned stop. Prearranged exceptions can be made by the parent and require a note. For elementary students, the note must be delivered to the school where a bus pass will be issued. For the middle and high school students, the note can be given to the bus driver. Only by this procedure will a student be allowed off the bus at a different stop.

Special Notice to Kindergarten Parents
Kindergarten students need to be met at the bus stop by a parent/guardian or another adult. Alternatively, kindergarten students can be released from the bus with an older sibling. If you are a parent of a kindergarten student, please communicate to the transportation staff if someone other than you will be meeting your child, or if your child should be released with an older sibling. Please be prepared to show identification.

Getting to School Safely

We want to be sure our students arrive at school safely. The school takes a number of precautions to assure safety, but we rely on your help. Here are a few reminders:

  • Review bus safety rules with your child(ren) — how to enter and exit, proper behavior while riding (see below)
  • Teach your child safe walking routes (see below)

Safety Tips for Families Walking or Biking to School (.pdf version)

  • Establish Safe Walking Route. Before school begins, walk the routes with your children. Children learn through experience and practice. Choose the safest route to school by selecting a walking route with sidewalks, paths that are separated from traffic. Be sure to communicate potential dangers and safe havens on the walking route. Children should always use sidewalks. Urge your children to walk against traffic and ride bikes with the traffic whenever possible. Make sure there is a safe alternative route in case of an emergency.
  • Do Not Talk to Strangers. Teach your children to be wary of strangers and to report any suspicious contacts to a trusted adult or 911. It’s never okay to accept a ride without parent’s permission—even from people who they know. Good rule-of-thumb: never talk to strangers or get close to strange car.
  • Walk in Groups. Since there is safety in numbers, urge your children to walk or bike with a buddy.
  • Bike Safety. Insist that your children wear bike helmets and teach them the bicycle rules of the road. Make sure your child’s bike is safe; check the brakes, reflectors, and chain guard or take it to a bike shop for a check-up.
  • Be Visible. Encourage your child to wear highly visible clothing by wearing bright, light-colors. Provide your child with a flashlight or put reflective tape on the back of backpacks, on helmets, or on bikes.
  • Be on Alert. It’s not safe to wear headphones because you may be unable to hear approaching vehicles.
  • Crossing the Street. Teach your children to obey all traffic signals, signs and crossing guards. Children should only cross streets at marked crosswalks and always watch for turning vehicles. They should make eye contact with drivers before stepping out into the roadway. Always look both ways and behind/in front before crossing and then continue to keep looking for traffic until finished crossing. Teach children to look around parked cars or other objects blocking their view before crossing the street. It is recommended that children under 10 should cross the street with an adult or older child; however, there is no magic age when children are old enough to walk without an adult.
  • Stay on Route. Children should always use sidewalks, pathways away from traffic. Teach children to never use “short cuts” that would take them into a wooded, dark area. Make sure there is a safe alternative route in case of an emergency.
  • Wildlife. As you know, we have a lot of wildlife in this area. Please help us notify students to be alert for any wildlife while waiting for the bus or walking home from bus stops or out in the backyard playing. It is always best to have children walk in pairs or as a group, regardless of wildlife. It is also important to discourage students from walking or cutting through wooded areas to get to school or home for overall safety, not just due to the wildlife issue. Please review these safety tips with your children. The Department of Fish and Wildlife has developed information specific to dangerous wildlife and what to do, and not do, if you encounter wildlife. Report wildlife encounters to the Department of Fish and Wildlife during regular business hours call 425.775.1311 or after hours call 911.

National Center for Safe Routes Tips (.pdf)
For more information on walking/biking to school go here.

Rules for Riding the School Bus

1. The bus driver is in charge of the bus. You must obey the bus driver and staff members assigned to the bus at all times. The bus driver has the authority to assign seats. Refrain from talking to the driver, unless necessary.
2. Students may only ride their assigned bus unless pre-arranged. Students are not allowed to depart the bus at any stop other than their assigned bus stop without parent/guardian permission.
3. Students must stay seated quietly in their seats, face forward and keep the aisle clear.
4. Students must remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop and the parking brake is applied.
5. Students must load/unload the bus in an orderly manner, no pushing or shoving. Students will arrive at the bus stop five (5) minutes before bus arrival time.
6. Students cross the street in front of the bus, when signaled by the bus driver. Never cross behind the school bus.
7. Be courteous, no profane language will be allowed. Profanity directed at the bus driver will lead to suspension from the bus.
8. Windows are not to be opened without the driver’s permission. Keep all body parts inside the bus.
9. Items prohibited from the bus include: breakable containers, sharp items, weapons, firearms, flammables, skateboards, roller blades, boom boxes, large, bulky, items which cannot be held when placed on the floor between legs, all forms of animal life (except service animals).
10. All items must be kept out of the aisle and emergency doorways.
11. Passengers in school buses equipped with seats belts shall be required to wear the seat belt, properly adjusted, whenever the bus is in motion.
12. Eating and drinking on the bus is prohibited, unless on a field trip and allowed by the bus driver.
13. No smoking or ignition source of any kind on the bus.
14. Parents of students identified as causing damage to buses shall be charged with the cost of the damage.
15. Students shall follow emergency exit drill procedures as instructed by the driver.
16. Students must make no distracting sounds or movement at highway rail grade crossings.
17. Do not throw anything from the school bus. Do not litter on the bus. Trash containers are located at the front of the bus.

Marshall Kruse
Director of Business and Operations

Delana Reeves
Transportation Supervisor

Nina Hoffar 

Liz Snyder 
Driver Trainer

Carrie Anderson 

Nancy Koski 
Assistant Dispatcher

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