PSE Leave Request Process and Approval Notification:

All unpaid leave over five (5) days requires school board approval. The employee is responsible for requesting leave in writing for review by their administrator. After review and approval by the administrator, administrator will send request to HR for review and confirmation leave details with the employee. After the details of the leave are confirmed, the Superintendent’s office will send the request to the school board for review. Unpaid leave, longer than five (5) days must be approved by the GFSD Board before the leave begins.

The employee is responsible for reading, understanding and complying with the terms of a short and long-term leave as defined in the PSE CBA sections 9.7 and 9.8.

Board meetings are the 1st and 3rd Wednesday’s of the month, however, not all months have two meetings, so please plan accordingly.  Also, please check the District calendar for scheduled Board meetings at: GFSD District Calendar

Administrators should submit all approved unpaid leave requests to the Human Resources Office not later than ten (10) business days prior to next school board meeting. Any unpaid leave requests submitted after that time will be sent to the school board’s next scheduled meeting and leave will not be able to begin before school board review.

Process for unpaid leave (CBA Section 9.7) greater than five (5) days:

  • Employee completes leave of absence form (download form)
  • Employee submits form to administrator
  • Administrator approves and sends to HR* OR administrator denies and notifies employee in writing
  • On approvals from administrator, HR contacts employee and confirms leave dates and reviews roles, responsibilities, and expectations. HR follows up to employee in writing to confirm discussion and terms.
  • HR submits request to Superintendent for inclusion in the board packet for review.
  • Upon Board approval, HR sends notice, in writing, of leave approval with summary of leave details and expectations of employee while on leave and provides a copy to the association.
  • HR will coordinate with payroll to confirm all payroll and benefits are coordinated during leave.

* The administrator is responsible for submitting a requisition to post a long-term substitute request for the absence if it will extend longer than 30 days.

For Short-term leave of Absence(CBA Section 9.8) unpaid five (5) days or less:

  • Employee submits absence in Frontline Absence Management
  • Administrator approves or denies request in Frontline
  • Upon approval, request goes to Superintendent for final approval in Frontline

To apply for an Leave of Absence: Download Form