Emergency Information Page
Bullying and Safety Tip Report System 
Safety is our district’s top priority, that’s why we’re now using SafeSchools Alert, a tip reporting system that allows students, staff, and parents to submit safety concerns to our administration 24/7/365. Tips may be submitted anonymously if you prefer. There are 4 different ways to report: phone, text, email, or web. You and your child can easily and anonymously report tips on bullying, harassment, drugs, vandalism or any safety issue you’re concerned about.

Emergency Overview: District Plan and Response

The Granite Falls School District takes every precaution to ensure the safety of students.

Inclement Weather & School Closure/Delay Information
Parents and community members are reminded to be prepared for school changes. Inclement weather conditions or natural disaster occurrences can cause school closures or a late start. 

Mandatory Monthly Emergency Drills

Every month, each one of our schools conducts an emergency-related drill to practice procedures.

GFSD Emergency Preparedness

We want our parents prepared for what you can do to help the school if we are in an emergency situation.

Digital/Internet Safety

Information to help you guide your teen through the challenges of navigating a social life in the age of technology.

Outside Emergency Contacts/Resources
Health Department, Department of Wildlife, FEMA, Red Cross, Police, Poison, etc.

Infectious Diseases/Life-Threatening Health Conditions

Pandemic/Epidemic – the Board recognizes that a pandemic outbreak is a serious threat that could affect students, staff, and the community. The superintendent or designee shall serve as a liaison between the school district and local health officials. The district liaison, in consultation with local health officials, shall ensure that pandemic/epidemic information/plan/procedures exist to provide for staff and student safety during such an emergency.

Suicide Prevention/Response

It takes time and courage to reach out to students on a personal level, but your interest can be a lifeline to a child in crisis. Young people—especially those with emotional or family troubles—need support, and school can be a vital part of that support. School may be the last positive social connection for young people from dysfunctional families or who are isolated from their peers.

Encountering Dangerous Wildlife
Please tell your child to be alert for any wildlife while waiting for the bus or walking home from bus stops or out in the backyard playing. If you site wildlife in the area–near the schools or bus stops– please contact the Superintendent’s Office at 360.691.7717. The Department of Fish and Wildlife has developed information specific to dangerous wildlife and what to do, and not do if you encounter wildlife. Report wildlife encounters to the Department of Fish and Wildlife during regular business hours call 425.775.1311 or after hours call 911.