Name, Flyer Information  Publication Date
 Paint and Soda Night (Boys & Girls Club/Change the Narrative)  5/5/2021
 Summer Camp & Summer Basketball (Boys & Girls Club) 4/25/2021
 Kindergarten Round-Up 2021  4/20/2021
 Champions-Study Time at the Club (Boys & Girls Club)  3/15/2021

Name, Flyer Information Publication Date
 GFYAA Football- 2020 3-6-20
Census 2020 2-4-20
Sno-Isle Libraries- Humanities Washington Presentation 1-7-20
Sno-Isle Library Student Account Program 12-19-19
Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination Form 12-5-19
Girl Scouts of Western Washington Informational Flyer 11-4-19
Unit 22 Flyer 10-30-19
Basketball Registration (Boys and Girls Club) 10-16-19
Class of 2023- Value Village Fundrive 10-15-19
Boeing STEM Night 9-9-19
Links and Alliances Conference (Snohomish County) 9-5-19
 "Write Now" (Sno-Isle Libraries) 8-14-19

The Granite Falls School District may distribute materials announcing programs and services offered by non-profit organizations that have a social, recreational, or educational value for students. Flyers, after approved, will be distributed to the secondary (middle and high schools) and will be placed on the counter at the front office. Flyers to go home with students will be acceptable at the elementary level only.

Non-profit organizations with student-related services and events can request to have a flyer posted on the district website. You will need to fill out the following Distribution of Materials Request form and submit your request to Melanie Freeman at mfreeman@gfalls.wednet.edu.

Once the flyer is approved, you will be provided with the instructions for printing/organizing.

Options for dissemination:

  • Website (posted)– Documents to be posted on the website should be 8 ½” X 11″ or smaller to assure scanning and printing compatibility.
  • Copies in School Offices (distributed)– The District will notify the requestor and the appropriate schools of its approval and the requestor will then be responsible to deliver exact copies of the approved document to the school offices. The building principal will choose when and how to make materials available to students. The principal may choose to make the materials available to interested students only.

The District does not sponsor or guarantee any of the information in the materials provided and reserves the right to refuse distribution. The District will not distribute materials that violate any existing laws, ordinances, or school policies. Exclusions Include, but are not limited to, the solicitation for funds, direct sales information by outside vendors, surveys, questionnaires, or requests for information by non-school organizations, or any solicitation for religious, commercial or political enterprises.

All flyers posted or distributed by the District, must contain this disclaimer:

The Granite Falls School District (the “District”) does not assume sponsorship of, or responsibility for the content of any activities offered on this flyer. The District has neither reviewed nor approved the program, personnel, activities or organization announced in this flyer and undertakes no responsibility to supervise these events. Permission to distribute this flyer should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement of the program(s) by the District. The District shall be held harmless from any cause of action or claim arising out of the distribution of this flyer including all costs, attorney fees, judgments and awards.