The purpose of the community service program is to involve students in learning activities outside of the classroom, to prepare students for success after high school, and to strengthen students’ ties to the community through volunteerism

There are many community service opportunities available, many of which are local. The most up-to-date list is posted at the high school commons, or you can download the Granite Falls High School Community Service Form here. Please contact your school secretary or Jan Macomber at the High School with any questions, 360.691.7713.

There are many opportunities within Granite Falls School District as well as in the community: Boys and Girls Club, Granite Falls Family Support, Sno-Isle Library, Museum, Food Bank, GF City Hall, Senior Center, Eagles, American Legion, Police Dept., Non-profit Daycares, GF Little League, The Village, Sound Salmon Solutions, Purrfect Pals, Psado Safe Haven, Sarvey Wildlife Center, Healing Hearts & Hopes (Mtn Loop Hwy), Verlot Ranger Station, Sno County Dept. Transportation (cleaning roadways).

If you are questioning if an activity can be counted as community service, ASK FIRST! Supervisors of community service may be contacted for verification.