Since the health status of a student bears a direct relationship to the student's ability to learn, we want to know about health problems the student may have. It's important that this information is provided when the school year begins. Our district's health services include screening for vision and the creation of individual health plans for students with life-threatening conditions. Health services are also available for pregnant students. This service is provided through a contractual agreement with the Snohomish County Health Department and can assist with both prenatal and post-partum needs. Contact Katy Dupre', RN District Nurse at 360.283.4538 for additional information.

Health Services topics

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Opting Out of Health Classes
Granite Falls School District offers a health education curriculum that maintains, reinforces, and enhances students' health knowledge, skills, attitudes, and practices. Optimal health and reduction or elimination of high-risk behaviors are the goals. Parents may request to inspect the District's health curriculum and instructional materials any time during school hours. Parents will be notified when health courses have been scheduled and may request that their child be exempt from a specific portion of the program. Students who are granted an exemption will be assigned an alternate educational assignment.

If you have questions or concerns regarding any information above, please contact the school nurse, district nurse or the principal. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

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