Please visit Family Access on the GFSD web page or the Nutrition Service web page. Many parents enjoy the convenience of paying for meals online. It is our computerized system that allows families to access balances, view purchases, request low balance email notifications, or make payments 24 hours a day from your computer. Contact the school secretary and you will be assigned a user name and password. There is no charge to view purchases, receive email notifications, or check balances. There is a 3.49% transaction fee to make an online payment. All balances follow your student into the next school year.  SkywardFamilyAccess
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  Elementary Secondary
Breakfast: $1.75
Lunch: $3.00
Breakfast:  $1.75
Lunch: $3.00
Reduced Breakfast: 
No Charge
Lunch: .40¢(4th & 5th
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Free*
* There is enough State funding to cover charges.
Breakfast: No Charge
Lunch: .40¢
 Free Breakfast: No Charge
Lunch: No Charge
Breakfast: No Charge
Lunch: No Charge
 Adult Breakfast: $2.75
Lunch: $4.00
Please feel free to stop into the cafeteria to have lunch with your child or to just check out our program. 
Please write students' full name in the memo section of all checks sent for meals.  We do not give change for checks to students; the full amount will be deposited in their account.  If your child changes schools or grades within the Granite Falls School District their balance and free/reduced status moves with them.


Food Service Payment instructions