Voices of Youth
Crossroads High School
Voices of Youth

Voices of Youth took place on Tuesday, April 24 at 6:00pm in the Crossroads Commons. There was a panel of nine students who shared their stories about substance abuse, incarcerated parents, domestic violence, bullying, homelessness, mental health, sexual abuse, teen parenting, and childhood trauma. After the emotional stories were shared there was a Q&A session where the audience asked questions to get a better understanding and to see how they could be helpful and supportive. The common feedback you would hear from the Crossroads students were how supportive and amazing the staff are at Crossroads High School. Community Resources were available after the event for assistance.

Safer Choices

Data Safe Project

The “Safer Choices” interactive assembly event is a powerful educational program which creates significant change in students’ ability to make better, safer choices in their lives and in the lives of their peers. The May 9th assembly schedule is as follows:

9:00am Crossroads High School

11:30am Granite Falls High School

1:05pm Granite Falls Middle School