Granite Falls School District is committed to helping families prepare their children for academic success.

Our mission is to inspire and facilitate a passion for life-long learning and the pursuit of excellence in every student, every day.

Our vision is that students are passionate in pursuit of their goals and aspirations. To that end, they are critical and inspired thinkers, adaptable, collaborative and committed to making a difference in their communities and to the betterment of society.

Below you will find registration information for all new & incoming students. If you have additional questions regarding registration, please contact the District Office at 360-691-7717.



New Student Enrollment
is available online! Save a trip to the school office and enroll your student directly from your own computer using the Skyward Family Access System. If you have any questions, please contact the District Office or your child's school.
** Please note that Skyward Family Access Enrollment does not work from your mobile phone.

Please note: Without proof of immunization at the time of registration, your child may not be able to attend class until the requirements are met. See immunization requirements below.

All Schools Require the Following:

  • Records of Immunizations - students must meet district and state immunization requirements. Bring proof of immunization from your family physician or a local health department. The parent or guardian then transfers this information to a certificate of immunization and signs the certificate to verify its accuracy.
  • Emergency Information- the parent or guardian fills out a form during registration. Bring information such as the student's birth date, address and home phone, mother and father's employer and work phone numbers, name and phone number of emergency contacts other than parent/guardian (ideally this person or people will live near the student), student's doctor's name and phone number, names of any medications student takes and any medical condition student may have.
  • Consent for Exchange of Information (if applicable) - if a student is transferring from another school, the parent or guardian must give their consent to transfer records from the student's previous school. It is helpful if the parent brings the name, address and phone number of the previous school.
  • Transcript or Academic History (if applicable) - Students transferring from another school should bring academic records. The school may also ask if the student has been in any special programs in their previous school such as English Language Learner, special reading program, etc. To request your transcript, please contact Lisa Smythe-Rodino(GFHS) or Lori Hanson (CRHS). Be sure to include your (1)name, (2)date of birth and (3)contact information in the request.

Specific Grade-Level Requirements:


  •  Must complete a registration packet.
  • Students must register at either Mountain Way Elementary (K-2nd grade) or Monte Cristo Elementary (3rd-5th grade).

Granite Falls School District offers FREE full-day kindergarten at Mountain Way Elementary school. You must complete a registration packet and two additional forms (to help us get to know your child):
K-Info Form Only & Get to Know You. Your child's birth certificate and a completed Certificate of Immunization are required for all incoming kindergartners.

Students entering Kindergarten must be five years of age on or before, August 31 of the year they are entering Kindergarten. Early Entrance is available for children who turn 5 between September 1 and October 15, find out more information on our Kindergarten Readiness page here;

For more information on preparation for Kindergarten and how to help your child succeed in their first year of school, please visit our Kindergarten Readiness page.

Middle School

  • Must complete a registration packet.
  • Fifth grade students who have been attending Granite Falls schools are registered for middle school during the spring of their fifth grade year.

High School

  • Must complete a registration packet.
  • Eighth grade students who have been attending Granite Falls schools are registered for high school during the spring of their eighth grade year.
  • The high school counselor will assist students with class selection.

Current Students Annual Information Update is available on Skyward Family Access. Use your existing login and password to log-in to the system, you can update forms and information. This needs to be done annually for every student who attends the Granite Falls School District.

Back-to-School Preparation List, School Fees, and Supply Lists:

Preparation List- Getting ready for school can be a lot of fun as long as everything doesn't happen at the last minute! Beat back to school stress by spreading out everything that needs to get done over these next few weeks of summer so that by the time school starts, you and your kids can relax and step confidently into the new school year! For a helpful list of ways to prepare for the upcoming year GO HERE.

School Supply Lists are available in one place on our website (click here!). If you have any questions, get in touch with your child's school or the District Office at (360) 691-7717.

Transfer Information

Please visit the Choice Transfer page for more information.

Students who live outside the district-

If a student lives outside the Granite Falls School District, the student may apply to transfer into the district. This transfer request is called a Choice Transfer Request (out-of-district) that is first (1)signed by the resident school district and second (2)Accepted or Denied by the nonresident district. A student living in Granite Falls School District may also attend a different public school district with the approval by both districts by completing the same form. Both transfers require the completion of the Choice Transfer Form. Status of your request will be updated electronically and sent to the email address provided on the form. For more information on transfers between districts, contact Laci Sturm at 360.691.7717 or

Home-Based Instruction

Declaration of Intent to Provide Home-Based Instruction must be filed annually by September 15.

If you are a family who intends to provide your child or children home-based instruction in lieu of attendance or enrollment in a public school, an approved private school, or an extension program of an approved private school, you must file an annual declaration of intent to do so. The form above must be completed annually, by September 15, in order to receive approved home-based instruction.