Title I and LAP (Learning Assistance Program)
These programs are operated in Granite Falls schools based on state and federal funding. Programs offer additional instruction and interventions for students who need academic support in math and reading.

Educational Support Services: When Your Child Needs Assistance

The level of educational support that students receive is determined by state and federal mandates, teacher recommendations, and parental involvement. The district uses a Response to Intervention (RTI) model of services designed to meet the needs of all learners. The process includes:

Identifying What Children Should Know and When
Granite Falls School District’s curriculum requires students to learn the skills and knowledge identified in state standards. Instruction is designed to assist students in mastering state objectives. For more information on performance and grade level expectations, visit the State Superintendent of Public Instruction website.

Assessing Whether Students are Meeting the Standards
Teachers regularly assess student learning to determine what and how they should teach so students will learn required concepts and skills. Teachers use observation, student performance, classroom tests, and district and state assessments to determine progress.

Providing Interventions
When assessments show that a student’s performance is below the grade level, teachers provide instruction to address the area of concern. The range of educational support that students receive depends on the level of difficulty they are experiencing. For children who have difficulties, the district offers a variety of interventions that may include small group instruction, tutoring, or participation in supplemental programs. These programs include Special Education, Title I, Learning Assistance Program (LAP), and Transitional Bilingual (TBL). The Support Services Department also offers programs for Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP), Developmental Preschool, and students who are homeless.

Citizen Complaint
Information and procedures on how to file a Title 1 Citizen Complaint can be found on the OSPI website.


For more information on Title I (ESEA, No Child Left Behind) specific to Supplemental Education Services (SES) or Public School Choice (PSC), please VISIT HERE or contact the Assistant Superintendent, Karin Manns, if you have any questions regarding any of the above information at 360-691-7717.