About Granite Falls School District

"We Expect Success"

Mission Statement:

Granite Falls School District is committed to the individual development of each student.

Vision Statement:

Our students begin school ready to learn within a system of support and emerge as resilient and engaged citizens fully prepared to pursue life's opportunities.

District Goals:

  1. Powerful Teaching & Learning. (1) Provide differentiated instruction with a rigorous, aligned curriculum that drives student engagement and achievement;(2) Hire and retain exemplary staff, supported by an innovative and collaborative framework;(3) Empower parents by encouraging participation;(4)Create pathways —via partnerships, mentoring and district resources— for our students to excel in post-secondary pursuits; and (5)Embrace technology as an engine for student growth, instructional integration and operational efficiency.


  2. School Climate. Foster a consistent, district-wide culture which encourages and celebrates student success at all levels, enabling a climate of mutual respect, inspired learning, character and life-skills development. Initiate positive behavior supports via targeted staff training, role modeling, counseling and family partnerships.


  3. Early Learning. Establish a firm and equitable foundation for learning by promoting kindergarten-readiness and successful K-3 transitions for all students.


  4. Growth Management. Undertake a strategic, collaborative and timely growth-planning process that clearly defines the district’s challenges and opportunities.


  5. Stewardship. Promote trust by projecting fiscal stability through the prudent, responsive and optimal use of district resources, in a manner that is both transparent and understandable.