Adopted by the Granite Falls School District Board of Directors on December 4, 2013

Tag Line: “Every Student, Every Day, Every Classroom”

Mission Statement:

To inspire and facilitate a passion for life-long learning and the pursuit of excellence in every student, every day.

Vision Statement:
Our students are passionate in pursuit of their goals and aspirations. To that end, they are critical and inspired thinkers, adaptable, collaborative and committed to making a difference in their communities and to the betterment of society.

Foundation of our District Beliefs:

1. Powerful teaching and learning.

2. District and Board communication with community and staff that is informing, encouraging, intentional and collaborative.

3. Financial stewardship, assuring optimal use of district resources.

4. A district climate that emphasizes a positive school culture, focused on student safety, a healthy lifestyle, and respect for other students and faculty.

District Goals:

1. Quality Learning. Engage and inspire every student through powerful and innovative instruction, fostering development of critical-thinking skills and motivating academic achievement through high expectations.

2. Positive Image. Strengthen our district by countering unfounded perceptions and stereotypes of Granite Falls. Celebrate student successes and civic progress, working collaboratively with district partners—including local government, the chamber of commerce, and service organizations.

3. College- and Career-Ready. Ensure that every student transitions successfully between grades and schools and graduates with the knowledge, skills and attitude to excel in diverse post-secondary opportunities. Foster student achievement through active partnerships with parents, families and our community.