A Quest Through the Middle Ages

A Quest Through the Middle Ages

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A WebQuest by Diana Lawrence

created December 2004

(updated May 12, 2007)


This WebQuest is designed to help you find out what it was like to be a person living during the middle ages. You will work as a group to research and understand the different classes and their roles in a feudal manor. You will use links and resources provided for you here to explore the experiences of people living during the middle ages and answer the essential question, "What might it have been like to live their lives?".


You will be in a group of three students in your class. Together you will research and report on all citizens and life styles of a feudal manor. As each of you examines the role and points of view of each category of the citizens  you will:

     [Stage 1] RESEARCH: an understanding of how life was affected by a particular participant's viewpoints and role in the feudal system.

      [Stage 2] SHARE: this understanding with your group members, presenting information about all the different classes of people on a manor in the Middle Ages.  Each member of the group must  be able to write a reflection paper about the entire project and should have a response to the essential question.

      [Stage 3] PRESENT: a group presentation to the rest of the class. This presentation should help all of us understand "what it might have been like to live the different lives of citizens in the middle ages".

To begin the WebQuest, click on a link to find out all about the person your group assigned you to study. Once you get to the page, take notes as you explore pertinent information in the listed sources. Remember, you are exploring these pages in order to answer the essential question "What might it have been like to live their lives?". Be sure you read about and understand all aspects of the life that people had to live during that time. Learn about clothing, housing, foods, religions and any other information you are able to find. An example of something you need to know is how do religion and government affect your life? But don't stop there!

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Stage 1: Research

This project will be done in groups of three. Your group will be responsible for doing research. Each group member will be responsible for TWO of the topics listed below in the final presentation, but all members will contribute information, and all members will work together to create the "Timeline and Events of the Middle Ages." Use the questions below to focus your attention.  

Focus Note:
All Groups... What other interesting information did you discover?

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Stage 2: Share

  1. After you have all researched and gathered information to thoroughly cover your topic, you must decide as a group which information you will need to present a complete an overall picture of your studies in your classroom presentation. The presentation must include visual items such as posters, and pictures that you feel represent your studies the best. You might decide to have a model of a feudal manor. It could be that you want to design clothing representative of the era. If you present a skit, costumes would be a nice addition.  Perhaps your research led you to an interesting food item that you would like to prepare for the class. Your presentation could include games of the era. The point is to be creative and informative. Feel free to include interesting trivia or stories.
  2. Create your first draft of the product: If you choose to make a brochure, use the brochure template in Word. If you choose a multimedia project, use PowerPoint.  You might possibly get together with your group after school hours and create a video of your presentation or skit.
  3. Be sure that each member of your group has a job to do in the final presentation. Each of you should be comfortable with the amount of information you have all gathered before you move on to Stage 3.
  4. Discuss the product so far. Make revision suggestions and reach consensus on all aspects of the project before you move on.
  5. Revise your project and conduct a final proofreading session.
  6. Rehearse your class presentation. You will be more comfortable and will do a better job if you practice instead of just "winging" it.
  7. Submit a printed copy of your product to the teacher.
  8. Write a Project Reflection Report and submit it to your teacher.

Focus Note:
An important section of your product should address the connection between what you have discovered about Medieval life and what you know about modern Western civilization. How are the people of the Middle Ages similar to us? How are they different?

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Stage 3: Present

On the presentation day, each member of your group needs to be prepared to take an active part in the presentation to the class. Your presentation may include: