Communication Update: Media Threats

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January 23, 2014

--Superintendent Linda Hall; letter to community (.pdf version)  

January 13, 2014

--Superintendent Linda Hall; letter to community (.pdf version)  



1/30-Snohomish Detectives have completed their portion of the investigation and returned the lead to Granite Falls Police.  Granite Falls Police will follow up with individual victims on “threat lists” during the next few weeks.  Additionally, Granite Falls Police have asked the Snohomish County Sheriff Computer Forensics Unit to continue to investigate the internet capable devices located at the suspect residence.

1/27-According to newly appointed Chief Bowman of Granite Falls Police, the police will be contacting all individuals who were on a list to obtain statements. Anyone wishing to be included as an individual victim will have that opportunity. Additionally, the non-profit Victim Support Services of Snohomish County is available as a resource to any victims in this case, you can find out more about these services by calling their office at 425-252-6081 or the 24 hour crisis line offered at 1-800-346-7555


I. Updates on Threats:

(As of 1/28): There have been no reports of any new threats since 1/16.  The police have no evidence to believe anyone else was involved.  The youth involved in the situation has been expelled.


II. Law Enforcement Update:


--ON TUESDAY 1/28,Chief Bowman welcomes questions and discussion with the students during lunch time at the high school.  This is an opportunity for the students to meet the new Snohomish County Chief of Granite Falls and to discuss the recent events that took place.

--1/15--Partnership meeting (city, police, school district) met January 15th to create action plans and common voice moving forward.  Even after this situation is resolved, this team will continue to meet and work together to resolve problems in the schools/community quickly before they escalate.

  • Chief Bowman will be welcoming questions and discussion with the students on Tuesday (1/28) during lunch time.  This is an opportunity for the students to meet the new Snohomish County Chief of Granite Falls and to discuss the recent events that took place.

  • Partnership meeting (city, police, school district) met today to create action plans and common voice moving forward.  Even after this situation is resolved, this team will continue to meet and work together to resolve problems in the schools/community quickly before they

Anonymous Tip Line
If you believe you have information about a crime or case being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office – and it is not an emergency – please call our tip line at 425-388-3845. Callers may remain anonymous but are encouraged to leave a contact number for follow up and verification purposes only. All tips are kept confidential.

Granite Falls Police Department
205 S. Granite AVE, Granite Falls, Washington
(360) 691-6611


III. Current Safety Measures:

1/27 update To ensure police presence at the high school building during the investigation, the district hired a security officer to be at the high school (Mon.-Fri.). The police remained on campus the week after an arrest was made (from 1/21-1/24) to support student transition. 

Safety measures are in place throughout the district.  The elementary and secondary schools have security measures in place to provide a safe learning environment.  Staff members are trained for emergency situations.  All schools were contacted when the district received word of the threats.  All schools have maintained a heightened awareness and security.  Students are trained on lockdown, evacuation and other emergency procedures monthly. All visitors of each school must check in through the office and all staff and visitors wear badges to identify themselves.  There are security cameras in place throughout the district and entry/exit doors are monitored by staff regularly. 

PLEASE MAKE SURE EMERGENCY INFORMATION IS CURRENT FOR YOUR CHILD. Whenever you move, change phone numbers, or change emergency contact names, please contact the school immediately.


IV. District Updates

Digital Safety Training (2/11) Items:

Presenter: Mike Donlin, Program Supervisor of the School Safety Center at OSPI

-PowerPoint Presentation
-Safety Center Flyer (several support links)
-Social Networking Safety Links
-Students Guide to Personal Publishing
-Questions Parents Should Ask
-Cyberbullying and Prevention
-Tips for Teen Responses


Community Forum (1/9) Items:

-Forum Agenda
-PowerPoint Presentation- Timeline of Facts, Information, Security Measures, Training information, etc.
Q&A from Forum
District Communication 12/16 to 1/9
(Includes all "School News" & SchoolMessenger)
ASK.FM informational handout

With regards to the several community volunteers who signed-up to help us monitor the schools and assist in on-site school security, we welcome the support.  If you have cleared a WA state background check and are interested in volunteering at the high school, please call Ms. Dorman at 360.691.7713.

In addition to the already-in-place counseling department, the district has hired extended counseling services for the high school over the next few weeks. The counselor is available to help during the lunch periods and monitoring the halls, as well as, individual meetings with students.  He will be working from 7:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.

Channels of Communication:
(1) "School News"- e-newsletter
(2) Schoolmessenger- automated call 
(3) District website
(4) FlashAlert,


V. Other Internet Safety & Cyber Bullying Sources:

* February 11th--Digital Safety Training at the High School PAC, 6pm.

* New York Times in-depth article on school response to cyberbullying

* More info on and threats happening in the media



     What can parents do?

    Below are some suggestions to help you guide your young teen through the challenges of navigating a social life in the age of technology:

o  Involvement:

      1. We strongly encourage parents (and students) to report any concerns or information to local police.  Call 911. 

      2. Upcoming trainings to sign up for, with explanations (i.e. parent monitor group, cyber safety training)

      3.Reassure your child that you are keeping a close eye on the situation, and that the schools and police are working together to keep kids safe

      4.Assist with school safety – monitoring entrance and hallways, monitor arrivals and departures, be a calming presence – special training is required

o  At home:

1. Actively monitor your child's social media use/access by:
     -Encouraging your children to save messages and report them
     -Talk with your child about the media sites they are using, learn from them
     -Set aside time to explore the internet together
     -Know your child's friends and parents (where they may have different online privileges/access)
     -Block websites or use control features to protect your child from using a site (e.g. blocking software or search online "parent control features"
     -Be aware that a smart phone gives your child access to the internet anywhere, anytime.

2. Talk with your child about social media risks/concerns
     -Educate your teen to not share any personal contact information on a social media site. If it appears that there are threats being made to your child online, immediately contact local law enforcement. Make copies of what is posted, and preserve the site to show police. They will need to see the live evidence and electronic data.
     -Often, many texts and social media contacts are made at night, after your child has gone to bed. Many students report that they wake up multiple times during the night to send, or respond to, messages. Consider having your teen turn in their phone to you every night before bed, getting it back the next morning.

3. Encourage your child to report concerns/information to local police or school administrators

4. Refrain from posting anything on ANY social media website that pertains to the criminal investigation  (avoid interactive behavior on social media websites, Facebook, twitter,, etc. that may jeopardize or harm the investigation).  This also includes REPOSTING information that others post.  This will also preserve the safety of our children.

5. Update your contact information with the schools, please make sure contact information is current.  Check your email and phone messages regularly. Stay tuned for updates via the district website.
6. Contact the counseling office at your child's school if it appears that online bullying is affecting your child at school. The schools want to team with you to provide wrap-around support.

High School
--Ginny Schlegel
, Counselor
Phone: (360) 283-4397

--Rebecca DeLaney
, Counselor
Phone: (360) 283-4396


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