Student Conduct & Discipline

Discipline Brochure/Student Handbooks–are the most valuable documents for students and parents regarding student conduct and discipline.  You will find more information regarding discipline actions within Granite Falls School District, in the official “Student Discipline Brochure” which explains in more details responsibilities and authority of teachers and principals, along with recommendations for disciplinary actions for exceptional misconduct. Much more detailed information on student behavior and harassment/bullying can be found in student handbooks or below:


The district adheres to a philosophy of developing and upholding high expectations for all student conduct in order to maintain an environment focused on learning. Students are expected to follow school rules at all times while on school grounds, district transportation or at school events. Consequences for misbehavior are outlined in both the Student Discipline Procedures handout (see appendix) and building discipline documents.

District Belief Statement

• Learning shall be the priority in the classroom. All students have the right to an education and the responsibility to   uphold that right for others.
• All students and staff have the right to a safe, secure learning and working environment.
• Students and staff are responsible for demonstrating respect for each other.
• All students can learn to be self-managers of their behavior and are accountable for their actions.
• Exceptional misconduct will not be tolerated in the Granite Falls School District.

Disciplinary Actions

Consequences for misconduct can range from a verbal warning or parent contact to detention to suspension or expulsion. Consequences are determined on a case-by-case basis and take into consideration the student’s age, severity of the infraction, handicapping conditions, discipline history, and state and federal laws.

Disciplinary Records

Student disciplinary actions are recorded in the school database and may be referred to when determining eligibility for school activities, future disciplinary actions or behavior interventions. Discipline information remains part of the student’s private educational records and is only available to parents and specific individuals as outlined in privacy laws.

Discipline Appeals Process

Parents and students have the right to appeal a disciplinary decision by first meeting informally with the school principal. If an acceptable resolution is not reached, a written appeal may be made to the Superintendent.

Physical Restraint

Physical restraint is sometimes necessary when a student is a danger to him/herself or others. Every attempt will be made to utilize de-escalation techniques before resorting to physical restraint. Physical restraint will be performed by trained personnel or available adult to maintain safety.

Dress Code

The dress and appearance of students is the responsibility of parents and the following guidelines: students’ appearance should be neat and clean, and the body should be adequately covered. Should a student’s clothing be deemed inappropriate, they will be sent to the office for alternative clothing or will call their parents to bring appropriate clothes. Examples of inappropriate attire include short shorts and skirts, shirts that expose the midriff, clothing that depicts alcohol, drugs or tobacco products, gang related clothing, etc.

Dance Guidelines

Dance rules:All school expectations are in effect at school dances

  • Middle School student must enter immediately after school (if students leave campus they cannot come back for the dance).For High School dances after an event, students must enter within 30 minutes of the end of the event. For all other dances (Homecoming, prom, etc.) student must enter within 60 minutes of the start time
  • A fee will be charged
  • No food or drink may be brought into the dance; food or drink must be consumed in the area provided
  • No backpacks or large bags will be permitted into the dance
  • Once a student leaves the dance, the student must leave school campus and will not be allowed to return
  • Middle school students are not allowed to attend high school dances

Discipline and Student Conduct
The freedom which you enjoy as a student of Granite Falls School District is based upon the belief that as young adults conduct will reflect the acceptance of personal responsibilities. Students whose actions and conduct infringe upon the rights of others or are otherwise detrimental to the educational environment are subject to disciplinary action. We are committed to maintaining a safe learning environment. Individuals involved in disruptive activities will be subject to school discipline and/or referral to law enforcement officials. The consequences for an offense may vary depending upon the nature of the offense and any extenuating or exceptional circumstances. If law enforcement authorities are contacted, they may take action separate from the school.

Behavior Expectations:

  • Students will be prepared for all classes. This means have all the necessary things required for the class.
  • Students will regularly attend class.
  • Students will be on time for all classes (in classroom before tardy bell)
  • Students will obey all reasonable requests of school district employees
  • Students will treat others with respect. Treat people the way you would want to be treated.

Definitions and Consequences of Infractions (including but not limited to):

Infraction Definition Minimum Maximum
Accomplice A person who knowingly participates in violating a behavior expectation Student conference Suspension
Accumulation of violations Repeated violations of different school rules Suspension Expulsion
Alcohol/drugsRCW 28A.635.020RCW 69.50.435 Possession/use or under the influence (of any alcoholic beverage/illegal drugs/drug paraphernalia on or about the school premises or at any school sponsored activity – includes imitating drug use/use of paraphernalia)Evidence of sale/trafficking/enticementUnder the influence of alcohol/drugs SuspensionSuspension

Long-term Suspension



ArsonRCW 9.40.060 Using fire to destroy or attempt to destroy property Suspension Expulsion
AssaultRCW Physical attack. Threats of/or actual physical abuse on another person Suspension Expulsion*police contact
Bus misconduct Disregard of state bus regulations (see bus regulations) Student conference SuspensionLoss of Privileges
Controlled substance Controlled substance, alcohol, prescription drugs, or inhalant on person, in clothing, or property of student, use of controlled substance or drinking of alcohol on school property, or arriving at school having consumed alcohol or a controlled substance Suspension*Police contact and drug/alcohol assessment will be required Expulsion
Computers/internet/schoolequipment misuse Unauthorized use of school equipment or computers, misuse of internet or other Granite Falls School District networks Loss of privileges Suspension
Closed campus Students are expected to remain on campus from the time they arrive until they leave After school detention Suspension
Classroom disruption/inappropriate behavior (repeated) Conduct (including language) that deprives others of their rights or that disrupts educational procedures and environment Student conference Suspension
DefianceRCW 28A.600.040RCW 28A.600.460 Willful disobedience, insubordination Student conference Expulsion
Disregard school rules and regulationsRCW 28A.600.040 Failure to follow school rules as outlined in Student Handbook or classroom rules as determined by teacher Student conference Suspension
Explosive DevicesRCW 9.41.270RCW 90.74.020RCW 9.61.160 Use, threat to use, possession or sale of explosive device Suspension Expulsion
Fighting/Encouragingthe Act of fightingWAC 180.40.070 Physical contact with intent to inflict harm. Standing around watching, videoing and/or cheering on a fight; or being involved with anyone seeking to fight another student (texting, spreading rumors, causing disruptions to the learning environment) Suspension Expulsion
Flagrant disrespectRCW 28A.600.040RCW 28A.635.090 Swearing, vulgarity, profanity or words symbols or gestures, spitting, suggestive comments meant to intimidate or embarrass, directed to a staff member/adult/student Suspension Expulsion
Forgery, lying, cheating Producing false or misleading informationMisrepresentation of student work, academic violations Student conference Suspension
GamblingRCW 28A.600.040 Participating in games of chance for the purpose of exchanging money Detention Suspension
Gangs/gang related activitiesRCW 28A.600.455 The use of colors, insignia, dress, gestures, actions, and/or language to create reasonable belief that a student in involved in gang activities Student conference Expulsion
Inappropriate dress Any clothing that may be disruptive to the learning environment (as outlined in the student handbook) Student Conference Suspension
Inappropriate language/gestures Vulgar, profane or obscene language or gestures, symbols or writing, spitting Student Conference Expulsion
Indecent exposure, indecent liberties Deliberate exposing of the body generally private, groping, fondling, pantsing or act of Suspension Expulsion
Overt affection Physical contact with another person (i.e. hand holding, kissing, hugging, groping, fondling) Student Conference Suspension
Reckless endangerment Creating a hazardous condition which may result in damage to persons or property Suspension Expulsion
Sexual/maliciousharassment Title ViiCivil Rights Act 1964 Unwanted statements or actions that intimidate others: orally, in writing, electronically or in a sexual manner, to create fear or discomfort. To express intent to inflict injury or cause harm, repeatedly threaten, badger or intimidate. Suspension Expulsion
Tardiness Late arrival to class or school Student Conference Suspension
TheftRCW 9A56 Sale, possession of items not belonging to you. Encouraging the act, stealing DetentionRestitution ExpulsionRestitution
TobaccoRCW 28A.210.310 Possession/use of tobacco in any form at school, on school premises or at any school sponsored event Suspension Long Term Suspension
Trespassing/loitering Presence in unauthorized place or without legitimate reason. Refusal to leave school property Student Conference Suspension
Unexcused absence ortruancyRCW 28A.225.010 Absence not excused by the school, failure to attend school without authorization from parents/guardian Parent Conference Juvenile Court
VandalismRCW 28A.635.060 Intentional destruction or defacement of property (school, district or personal property) SuspensionRestitution ExpulsionRestitution
WeaponsRCW 9.41.280RCW 28A.600.420 Possession or use of dangerous object which is meant to inflict harm. Possession of gun, weapons or replica of weapons on campus, includes look a likes (knives, mace, pepper spray, throwing stars etc.) Parent Conference andExpulsion Expulsion
Vehicle MisuseRCW 9.41.280RCW 28A.600.420 Inappropriate use of vehicle Student conference possible loss of driving privileges Suspension

NOTE: RCW = Revised Code of Washington (state law); WAC = Washington Administrative Code (state law); law enforcement may be called at any time for disciplinary infractions

Criminal Activities

If an infraction violates the law, law enforcement will be contacted. The commission of or participation in the following activities, which are among those defined as criminal under the laws of the State of Washington and Snohomish County, in schools, on school property, at school sponsored events is prohibited. Appropriate corrective action (long term suspension or expulsion proceedings) will be taken against those who commit such crimes regardless of whether or not criminal charges result.   Law enforcement officials will be notified of any criminal activity. Examples of criminal activities include, but are not limited to: arson, assault, burglary/theft, dangerous weapons, explosives, extortion, blackmail, or coercion, firearms, gang paraphernalia, laser lighters, malicious mischief, possession of drugs, alcohol and/or paraphernalia, or being under the influence of drugs and or alcohol, sexting, unlawful assembly, unlawful interference/intimidation with school authorities.

I. Student Discipline Procedures

Behavior Mission Statement

Each student must develop a commitment to act within the framework of rights and responsibilities of the school community.

Belief Statement

  • Safety is the top priority of the Granite Falls School District
  • Teaching and Learning shall be the priority in the classroom.
  • All students have the right to an education and the responsibility to uphold that right for others.
  • All students and staff have the right to a safe, secure learning and working environment.
    Students and staff are responsible for demonstrating respect for each other.
  • All students can learn to be self-managers of their behavior and are accountable for their actions.
  • Exceptional misconduct will not be tolerated in the Granite Falls School District

Exceptional Misconduct
In accordance with WAC 392-400-245 and WAC “exceptional misconduct” means conduct that is serious in nature or in terms of the disruptive effect upon the operation of the school as to warrant immediate short-term suspension, long-term suspension or expulsion.

Teacher’s Responsibilities and Authority
Teachers shall maintain good order in their classroom and shall enforce district rules for student conduct.

Teachers shall, in accordance with the due process rights of the students, have the authority to discipline any student for any disruptive or disorderly conduct or other violation of rules for student conduct which may occur in the presence of the teacher. Teachers are expected not only to supervise students while in the classroom, but to assist in the general supervision during the school day.Teachers may hold students strictly accountable in school for any disorderly conduct while under their supervision. They may make recommendations to the proper school authority for the discipline or suspension of students.


Principal’s Responsibilities and Authority
Each principal shall be responsible for the enforcement of the prescribed rules and for the compliance with District and building guidelines relating to the discipline of students. Principals shall have the authority to discipline, suspend or expel any student for any violation of rules for student conduct.

All discipline, short-term suspensions, long-term suspensions or expulsions shall be administered in compliance with state law and the rules of the State Board of Education, WAC 392-400 (Washington Administrative Code).

At the beginning of each school year principals shall make available to each staff member, student and parents or guardians of students a copy of this policy (or summary thereof) together with any building guidelines developed to apply to this policy.

Granite Falls Schools are assisted by local, county and state law enforcement agencies and shall cooperate with these agencies at every opportunity.

NOTE: Federal or state law or behavioral intervention plans may alter discipline steps listed in the chart below.

Definition of Disciplinary Terms
all forms of corrective action or punishment other than suspension and expulsion including the exclusion of a student from a class or activity by a teacher or administrator for a period of time not exceeding the balance of the immediate class, subject or activity period.

Suspension: denial of attendance at school or any activity conducted on behalf of the school district.

Short-Term Suspension: suspension for any portion of a school day up to ten consecutive school days. Students shall have the opportunity and are expected to complete work missed while suspended.

Long-Term Suspension: a suspension which exceeds more than 10 days. Long term suspension may result in loss of credit.

Expulsion: a denial of attendance for a definite period of time. Expulsion for weapons possession will be no more than one year as determined by WAC 392-400-275/ESSB 5946. Administrators may petition the Superintendent to exceed the one-year limitation.
Emergency Expulsion: an immediate expulsion of a student when the superintendent or designee believes that the student’s presence poses an immediate and continuing danger to the student, other students or school personnel or an immediate and continuing threat of substantial disruption of the education process.


Due Process: Suspension, Expulsion, Appeals

Constitutionally and legally sound procedures of due process will be followed by District officials.

Short-Term Suspensions of one to ten days, parents shall have the right to an informal conference with the building principal then the right to a grievance conference with the superintendent/designee within two business days.

Long-Term Suspensions of more than ten days, written notice shall inform the parent/student that a written request for a hearing with the superintendent/designee must be received within three business days. A re-entry conference will be held with the district and student/parents within 20 days of long-term suspension.

Restrictions for Suspensions (under WAC 392-400 and Policy 5050):

Grades five and above program – No student in grade five and above program shall be subjected to short-term suspension for more than a total of fifteen school days during any single semester or ten school days during any single trimester, as the case may be.

Expulsions and Emergency Expulsions parent/student may make a written request for a hearing with the superintendent/designee within three business days for expulsion or ten business days for emergency expulsion. A reentry conference will be held between the district and student/parents within 20 days of expulsion. The school has 10 days to convert the emergency expulsion into a different form of discipline. The district will provide notice and afford due process rights for the conversion action. Re-entry conferences and reengagement plans are required. Grievances and/or appeals from decisions rendered may be directed to the Board of Directors.

In accordance with the 2013 (“ESSB”) 5946, Expulsions and Long-Term Suspensions must be for a definite period and are limited in duration to one calendar year.Building Administrators may petition the Superintendent to exceed the one-year limitation when “warranted based on public health or safety” under rules developed by the OSPI.

Exceptional Misconduct Not Tolerated

In accordance with WAC 392-400-245 and WAC 392-400-260 “exceptional misconduct” means conduct so serious in nature or in terms of the disruptive effect upon the operation of the school as to warrant immediate short-term suspension, long-term suspension or expulsion. NOTE: Please also refer to policy 5050: Student Conduct for more details.

The District Discipline Review Committee comprised of administrators, staff, parents, a board member and student has recommended that the following behaviors be termed exceptional misconduct for which a student will be disciplined by being suspended or expelled from school (including but limited to):

SUS=Suspension       11+ day = Long-Term Suspension       EXP=Expulsion

Note: discipline is based on progressive steps (1st offense, second offense, etc.) Elementary Secondary
Disruption to Program:
disruption of the school environment or program by bomb scares, false fire alarms, firecrackers, etc.
0-3, 3-5, 5-10 day sus 0-3, 3-5, 5-10, 11+ day sus;
Harassment/Intimidation/Bullying:Intentional/deliberate hurtful, threatening verbal, written or physical conduct directed at an individual. It is unsolicited or unwelcomed conduct. 0-3, 3-5, 5-10, 11+ day sus; expChange of placement SAME as elementary
Abusive Behavior:
angry refusal to comply creating confrontational situation or display of violent behavior after directive given; verbally abusive behavior.
0-3, 3-5, 5-10, 11+ day sus; exp SAME as elementary
Defiance/Failure to Comply:
repeated/deliberate failure to comply with a reasonable request of a staff member. refusal to obey instructions, policies, rules or regulations of school
0-5, 5-10 day sus SAME as elementary
Fighting/Assault:intent to do serious physical harm (actual or attempt to hit, strike or make contact directly or indirectly w/ object). Elementary school may opt intervention for first offense. (see policy 5050 -reasonable self-defense) 0-3, 3-5, 5-10, 11+ day sus; exp; police 0-5, 5-10, 11+ day sus; exp;police
Dangerous Conduct:
poses danger to another, includes dangerous use of motor vehicles on school grounds or at school activity, or endangering students on a school bus
0-3, 3-5, 5-10, 11+ day sus; exp SAME as elementary
Lewd, Obscene or Profane Language, Gestures/Materials:
deemed significantly harmful/disruptive to the learning environment. Includes gang symbols, digital materials or sounds.
0-3, 3-5, 5-10, 11+ day sus; exp; police SAME as elementary
Possession/Use/Distribution of Tobacco:
deliberate possession, use or sale of tobacco products
0-5, 5-10 day sus; police 0-5, 5-10, 11+ day sus; police
Possession/Consumption/Use/Distribution of Alcohol/Drugs, Drugs or Chemical Substance:
including drug related items or imitation of drug use/use of paraphernalia
0-3, 3-10, 11+ day sus; exp; police 11+ day sus; exp; police(45 day sus reduced to 5 days after completion of assessment and/or other administrator recommendations)
Possession of Potentially Dangerous Item/ Explosive Device (including toys that resemble dangerous items (e.g., gun, knife, firecracker, bullets, etc.) 3-5, 5-10, 11+ day exp; police 3-10, 11+ day exp; police
Possession/Use of Gun/Lethal Weapon
see policy 5050; RCW 28A.600.420, RCW 9A.04.110
EXP up to 1 year; police SAME as elementary
Sexual Misconduct
includes possession or transmission of sexually explicit pictures, video, etc. possession/transmission via cell phone, internet or other device.
0-5, 5-10, 11+ day sus; exp, police 1-10, 11+ day sus; exp, police
Violation of Federal, State, Local Law:arson, burglary, extortion, destruction of property, theft, etc. 0-3, 3-5, 6-10, 11+ exp; police SAME as elementary