Board Goals

Goal #1:  Collaborate with colleagues across the region, state, or nation regarding current and emerging trends, issues, and policy solutions.

Action Steps:

  • Each board member will attend a school board meeting in another district
  • Host a joint meeting with Lake Stevens School Board
  • Attend at least one regional meeting
  • Volunteer to host a regional meeting in fall 2019 at the STEAM building

Goal #2:  Keep the board and the community more informed about the district budget process.

Action steps:

  • Spring study session that includes how the budget is built which includes the formula for apportionment, levy dollars, grants, and other funding sources
  • Open session to review the 2018-19 budget
  • Approve the budget 1-2 weeks after the open session

Goal #3:  Improve on the communication of performance expectations and the evaluation timeline for the Superintendent.

Action steps:

  • Review SMART goals in a study session with the Administrative team.
  • Put board goals and district SMART goals on the website.
  • Review the evaluation framework with the Superintendent quarterly.
  • Complete the midyear evaluation in January.
  • Complete the final evaluation on or before June.
  • Update the board at a study session on district progress before the extension of contract.

Goal #4:  Dedicate time to critical items.

Action steps:

  • Complete self-assessment in the summer
  • Plan study sessions with board input
  • Quarterly review of goals