Bond & Levy Information Updates


Levy Information

For more information regarding Levies, Bonds and Property taxes please visit the information page.


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Security Update:

Projects beginning the week of 4-16-18: the general contractor Long Security will:

Install S2 video monitoring system and motion detectors. Upgrade access control and video at GFHS/Admin/Crossroads/Pop Rogers/GFMS/Multi-Purpose Room.

Install S2 video monitoring system, video, and motion detectors. Upgrade access control at Mountain Way and Monte Cristo.

Testing all video, replace obsolete and malfunctioning equipment, and add stronger monitoring and access control once this phase is complete.

STEAM Update:

Demo (interior of building) is complete.

Slab saw cuts complete and removed, saw cut CMU openings (3/29), Layout and form/reinforce new footings (3/28-4/2), move existing fire hydrant (3/29-4/5), underground piping (4/2-4/11), pour and cure footings (4/3-4/5), and form/reinforce foundation walls (4/6-4/11).

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Grandstand Update:

3/23 Mobilization is underway and TESC installation is complete. The removal of sod, sub grade, preform footings, grid lines and batter boards are all complete.

3/29 Digging footings (3/30), set footings ongoing (through 4/13), install storm (through 4/13), tie rebar and set anchor bolts ongoing (through 4/13), pour footings (3/29-3/30), form concrete walls (4/2-4/6), pour and strip walls (4/5-4/6), trench for plumbing (4/10-4/11), underground plumbing (start 4/9), and test and inspect back-fill plumbing (4/13).

* Note: We are reviewing and changing lockers in one of the locker rooms to meet sport apparel and drying requirements.

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