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The mission of the Granite Falls School District is to inspire and facilitate a passion for life-long learning and the pursuit of excellence in every student, every day.

GFHS EcoTeams and FBLA Success This past week, two outstanding clubs from Granite Falls High School traveled to compete in annual competitions. The GFHS EcoTeams traveled to Detroit, MI to participate in the Shell Ecomarathon. The UrbanAutos took second in the diesel urbanconcept category, with an impressive 524 miles per gallon (mpg) – just one mpg less than the first place winner. The ShopGirls, one of just a few all girls teams to participate in the event, placed first in their category – achieving 1115 mpg with their diesel prototype car.

In FBLA news, 28 competitors traveled to Spokane, WA to compete in the 2015 Washington State Business Leadership Conference. This conference is the second in a three phase competition, starting with a regional conference, and followed by a national conference taking place in Atlanta, GA. Students who place in the top four positions in the events are eligible to move on to the next level. The students from our school who received such distinction are listed below. This is the first time in GFHS history that SIX students have been eligible to compete at the national level.

Tyler Arp – 1st Place in Personal Finance, 1st Place in Banking and Financial Systems (a team event), and 2nd Place in Accounting II

Laura Gilbertson – 3rd Place in Business Calculations

Jeremy Miller – 1st Place in Banking and Financial Systems (a team event)

Kenna Todd – 2nd Place in Computer Applications

Alex Turner – 1st Place in Banking and Financial Systems (a team event) and 3rd Place in Securities and Investments

Maia Whitley – 3rd Place in Computer Applications and 5th Place in Word Processing

(Photographs to come for both clubs tomorrow – stay tuned!)

Drama is back! The High School Drama Club is proud to present “The Actor’s Nightmare!”, on May 6th at 6pm and May 7th at 1pm. Directed by Mary Karns, Granite Falls High School students will take the stage to put on the performance of the year! The premise is simple – Bobby, Danni, and Christina are three high school students who share the same bad dreams of forgetting their lines, blanking on their monologues for a big audition, looking foolish in a death scene, or being in a really bad play where you don’t even know what it is or any of the cast members in it! For more information, contact Granite Falls High School at (360) 691-7713.

Letter from the Superintendent – Good Morning GFSD Families! We’re back from Spring Break! Summer is just around the corner, with just 2 more months until June. You can find the April Superintendent Letter here. Make sure to keep an eye on social media (Facebook, Twitter) and the district website for updates on happenings in our district.

Board Member Resignation – The Granite Falls School District Board of Directors has received the resignation of Shana Hoople, the Community Liaison and Director of District #3. Shana Hoople has served as a member of the board for two years, first being appointed in January, 2014 and most recently receiving an elected position in November, 2015. Director Hoople acted as a voice of recognition and has always been a strong proponent of student success, as well as community involvement. Her strong community connections have brought outstanding insight to her fellow board members. Shana shared the board’s excitement for innovation and progress in public schools, and will be sorely missed as Community Liaison and Director of District #3.

The board will have the opportunity to officially accept her resignation during the next school board meeting on April 20, 2016. In the coming weeks, the board will identify candidates to fill the vacant position. GFSD Administration and the Board of Directors wishes Shana Hoople a farewell and thanks Director Hoople for her dedicated service to the school and community.

Success in Education – The Granite Falls School District has announced its third quarter ‘Success in Education’ award winners!

Congratulations to Student Winners! The recipients from Granite Falls High School are Keely Nash, Cheyenne Wesala, and Aleksander Dimitrov. The Middle School has nominated Jasper Kinnamon, Madelin Morehouse, and Brayden Smith as their ‘Success in Education’ recipients. The recipients recognized from Monte Cristo Elementary are Kaylenna Fryberg and Trey Dingman. Mountain Way Elementary will be recognizing Avery Slimak and Madison Sperry. Lastly, Crossroads High School will be giving their ‘Success in Education’ awards to Casey Ballard and Lauren Giebel. The award represents students that show an understanding of the importance of education and provide a committed and excellent service to other students, staff members, or the community. Candidates were nominated by staff and selected by the School Administrative team.

The Granite Falls School District Board of Directors will recognize the winners at the March 16th board meeting. Our District Vision is to see that our students are passionate in pursuit of their goals and aspirations. To that end, they are critical and inspired thinkers, adaptable, collaborative and committed to making a difference in their communities and to the betterment of society. Our District Mission is to inspire and facilitation a passion for life-long learning and the pursuit of excellence in every student, every day. We enjoy celebrating student and staff successes and civic progress. We are very proud of our students and staff!


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